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  • 3 Steps for Sustainable Landscape Architecture

    Integrated Sustainable Design
    Richard Bienvenu
    21 May 2015 | 11:00 am
    Water is a scarce resource, and it’s especially relevant in California. However, a well-designed water efficient landscape design should always be a consideration regardless of location. A water-conscious, sustainable landscape is easily achievable, and the options for native and drought tolerant plants far exceed cacti and succulents. Here are three tips that will help you in creating a sustainable landscape that saves water and improves the aesthetics of your property:
  • 5 Great Websites to sharpen your Contract Administration

    Rform Substantial Performance » 5 Great websites to sharpen your Contract Administration
    David Lopes
    27 Apr 2015 | 8:00 pm
    “Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.” Samuel Johnson A goal of our Substantial performance blog is to be a source of continuing education to those in Construction Contract Administration.  We believe that for good architectural design to be realized,  a strong understanding and organization of the building process and Contract Administration is required. Strong Construction Contract Administration knowledge Read More...
  • As LEDs mature, light quality is improving

    Arup Connect
    by Adele Peters
    15 Apr 2015 | 8:26 am
    Two decades ago, the invention of the blue LED launched a fundamental shift in the world of lighting. It was the beginning of the end of the energy-intensive incandescent bulb, offering the potential to slash global CO2 emissions by hundreds of millions of tons. But despite the technology’s environmental benefits — which won its creators […]
  • The Top Exported Good in Each State, in One Map

    How much
    1 May 2015 | 12:34 am
    The U.S. economy is diverse, with strengths in many different industries. This diversity ultimately strengthens the economy and makes it more resilient to shocks. A map of the top exports from each state illustrates this diversity. Tweet As a follow up to a previous blog post on state imports, we decided to look at the most exported products from each state. The map above summarizes the results of our analysis of export data from U.S Census Bureau. At first glance, there are a lot of states exporting aircraft, and to a lesser extent trucks and cars. There are also a large number of states…
  • 13 story timber tower to be built in Quebec City, will be tallest in North America

    Design feed
    Lloyd Alter
    21 May 2015 | 12:10 pm
    The plyscraper era has begun as Cross Laminated Timber towers start popping up everywhere.
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    Cyburbia | Urban planning community

  • Party Barns: agritainment event businesses

    23 May 2015 | 4:05 pm
    As a square dance caller, I've become increasingly aware of repurposed family farms as wedding and event destinations. As a Facebook user, I've become connected to neighbors who are being impacted by one such attractive nuisance. Excellent article by a monthly tabloid (disclosure: I was a free-lance writer for them in the 80s) Another one One more My recommendations include: RTFZO (read the zoning ordinance) which stipulates direct access to a paved road, complying with the state's requirements for a campground, the usual health dept/parking/fire/sanitary provisions. Also, the noise ordinance…
  • NYU Wagner v/s Rutgers!!

    22 May 2015 | 11:07 pm
    Hello everyone! I just finished my undergrad from India! I got acceptance from various schools in the USA for masters and now I am very confused between NYU and Rutgers. I would really appreciate it if you could help me out! Thanks :)
  • Is it time to give up the AICP?

    22 May 2015 | 11:10 am
    I've been thinking about this, as June draws closer and the APA and AICP memberships come due for renewal... Is it worth hanging on to the AICP if you have to pay for it out of your own pocket? I know this question has been answered with "no way!" by some on this forum. I had my AICP exam and annual dues paid for my employer the last few years, but I never really felt it was worth the expense. Well, without an employer at this time this year, and being unsure if I will continue being a real planner (more likely a pseudo planner-accountant if I stay in public sector), I'm not sure if…
  • RTPI vs RICS and Cambridge vs UCL vs LSE Postgrad Planning Degrees

    22 May 2015 | 7:48 am
    I have completed a Canadian Institute of Planners accredited bachelor degree in Canada as well as two years of public sector planning experience. I was looking to get into the UK planning market. I have received offers from LSE for MSc Urban and Regional Planning and Cambridge for MPhil Planning, Growth and Regeneration. I am waiting to hear back from UCL. I would really like to accept the Cambridge offer, however the degree is accredited by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and not the Royal Town Planning Institute. UCL is accredited with the RTPI. Will my job prospects be affected…
  • Article - Bring back the boardinghouse

    21 May 2015 | 5:01 pm
    Print Headline was Why not bring back the boardinghouse ? Links in article: D.C. developer bets big on apartments with shared eating spaces Not A Group House, Not A Commune: Europe Experiments With Co-Housing Bring Back Flophouses, Rooming Houses, and Microapartments Does your fair community zoning ordinance still list a boarding house as a permitted/allowed use?
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    Archinect - News

  • MAD blurs boundaries with the Clover House kindergarten and teacher housing

    Julia Ingalls
    23 May 2015 | 8:06 am
    Exterior becomes interior, public space overlaps with private space, and society is integrated into nature: or is it? These are but a few of the concepts seemingly behind the design of MAD's Clover House, a Kindergarten adjacent to a Japanese rice paddy field that also serves as a private residence for the teachers of the school at night. The house had its official groundbreaking on May 13th, and has attracted international press attention for its undulating paper-like shell and innovative spatial configuration.Built over a pre-existing 105 square meter row-house, the MAD design incorporates…
  • OMA-designed Chinese Pavilion now open at 2015 Venice Art Biennale

    Justine Testado
    22 May 2015 | 10:31 pm
    OMA returns to Venice once again in the debut of the Chinese Pavilion they designed for the 2015 International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, "All the World's Futures", which opened to the public on May 9. Commissioned by the Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation, the multimedia exhibition balances aspects of traditional Chinese culture and society with the works of various contemporary artists and designers all under the theme, "Other Future."The exhibition features work by notable Chinese creatives like classical composer Tan Dun, Liu Jiakun of Jiakun Architects, artist Lu Yang,…
  • Ten Top Images on Archinect's "Architect Sure!" Pinterest Board

    22 May 2015 | 3:53 pm
    In case you haven't checked out Archinect's Pinterest boards in a while, we have compiled ten recently pinned images from outstanding projects on various Archinect Firm and People profiles.(Tip: use the handy FOLLOW feature to easily keep up-to-date with all your favorite Archinect profiles!)Today's top images (in no particular order) are from the board Architect Sure!.↑ Graveney School Sixth Form Block in Tooting, London, UK by Urban Projects Bureau; Photo: Kilian O'Sullivan↑ Bitexco Financial Tower in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam by Carlos Zapata Studio↑ FABER Headquarters in…
  • Police Shut Down Mosque Installation at Venice Biennale

    Orhan Ayyüce
    22 May 2015 | 2:21 pm
    The police in Venice closed an art installation in the form of a functioning mosque on Friday morning, after city officials declared the art project a security hazard and said that the artist who created it, Christoph Büchel, had not obtained proper permits and had violated laws by allowing too many people inside the mosque to worship."There is no mosque in Venice, so the thousands of Muslim tourists visiting Venice must pray in a converted factory in Mestre, which is the polluted part of Venice.This until the swiss artist Buechler converted an abandoned and unused former catholic church…
  • Construction of Steven Holl-designed Queens Library is underway

    Justine Testado
    22 May 2015 | 1:20 pm
    Construction of the forthcoming Queens Library has begun at Center Boulevard and 48th Avenue in Hunters Point of NYC's Long Island City. Steven Holl Architects won the commission back in 2010 to design the new $30.6 million public library. Surrounded by recently built skyscraper condominiums and nearby attractions like the Gantry waterfront and Louis Kahn's Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, the Queens Library is set up to become the latest landmark for the changing neighborhood.The library's new design was developed in effort to provide more communal space for local residents and create new…
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    A Daily Dose of Architecture

  • Book Review: Local Architecture

    John Hill
    24 May 2015 | 6:00 pm
    Local Architecture: Building Place, Craft, and Community by Brian-MacKay-Lyons, edited by Robert McCarterPrinceton Architectural Press, 2015Hardcover, 224 pagesGhost, a laboratory run by Canadian architect Brian MacKay-Lyons where architecture students would design and build small structures on land owned by the architect in Nova Scotia, started in 1994 with "a resurrection of a house silhouette in a cow field, an apparition, a ghost raised from earlier times." In 2011, twelve Ghosts later, it went on hiatus. To mark what might be seen as the completion of an experiment started by…
  • "I'm OK. The world's all wrong."

    John Hill
    22 May 2015 | 11:45 am
    The quote of this title's post comes from the notebook of Harry Weese, which is featured in a 2010 episode of Chicago Tonight. The 13-minute piece gives a good overview of a late Chicago architect who, like Bertrand Goldberg, has been overshadowed by Mies, SOM, and other architects in the city, even though he produced some of the city's best architecture. It's worth watching if you don't know his story.(Click here to watch the video if you don't see the embedded video above.)
  • Book Review: Fuksas Building Update

    John Hill
    20 May 2015 | 9:45 am
    Fuksas Building Update by Massimiliano & Doriana FuksasActar, 2015Hardcover, 250 pagesFirst off, I should admit that I don't have nor haven't seen the first Fuksas Building, published by Actar in 2011, which this book updates. So I can't really comment on how well this book extends the content of that monograph, nor if it is worth having in addition to that book. Second, I should admit that I have a love-hate relationship with Fuksas's work, which I have seen little of in person (the Armani Fifth Avenue springs to mind), but which, like other architects these days, has some interesting…
  • What's that ↑ up there?

    John Hill
    19 May 2015 | 12:03 pm
    Unless you're reading this post on a mobile device or in your email browser, you're seeing a new widget with three images tucked between the title atop the blog and this post below it. This widget features three recent posts from the World-Architects Daily News, where I am Editor in Chief. Given that a good deal of my time during the day is spent adding posts to the Daily News, I felt it would be good to highlight some of them and this widget seems like a good way to do it.So click on the images to see the Headlines, Films, Products, Insights, and other features over at the World-Architects…
  • Today's archidose #838

    John Hill
    19 May 2015 | 9:45 am
    Here are some photos of the Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux (2015) in Bordeaux, France, by Herzog & de Meuron, photographed by JP2H.To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose pool To contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose
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  • Ultra-Compact Cooking: Modular Kitchen for Nomadic Singles

    23 May 2015 | 10:00 am
    The average single person living alone doesn’t need an elaborate setup in the kitchen, requiring little more than a mini fridge, sink, a couple burners and some storage. So why not save some space with an ultra-compact kitchen module that contains all of the basics with the smallest footprint possible? This design is smaller than a typical kitchen island, and even features a fold-down dining surface. Read more… Keep Going - Check Out These Great Related Dornob Articles: Redesigned: 3-Prong Power Cords into Flat & Portable Plugs The Cut: Customizable Kitchen Slides to Suit Your…
  • Grounds for Celebration: Cups + Saucers Made of Recycled Coffee

    22 May 2015 | 4:00 pm
    Have you ever wondered what happens to all of those used grounds thrown out by coffee shops around the world? Sometimes companies sell or give them away for compost, but most of the time they're just thrown out with the garbage. German designer Julian Lechner invented a brilliant new way to recycle coffee grounds into something that's both beautiful and useful. Read more… Keep Going - Check Out These Great Related Dornob Articles: Old Red Goes Green: Recycled Wall Brick Built to Save Water Espresso on a Stick? Machine-Free + Fast as Instant Coffee Lumber, Cut & Dried? Wood-Like…
  • Lofty Idea: Clever Micro Apartment Packed with Hidden Storage

    22 May 2015 | 1:15 pm
    Sliding, stacking, transforming and compacting: the key to making a small space comfortable and functional is versatility, and this micro apartment design by Amsterdam studio Concrete is a great example of how to do it right. Designed for a hotel called Zoku, the space is no larger than an average hotel room, yet accommodates so much more than you’d expect. Read more… Keep Going - Check Out These Great Related Dornob Articles: Freedom Rooms: Micro Apartments Designed by Prisoners Boxed Bedroom: Monolithic Black Volumes Hide Furniture Tiny Maid’s Apartment in Paris Transformed…
  • Dancing Wood: 2 Lovely Sculptural Bent Wood Seats

    21 May 2015 | 10:00 am
    The last thing you might think to do with these bent wood sculptures is sit on them, but that's exactly what designer Bar Lavi built them for. The bent wood stool series consists of two softly flowing wood stools constructed with only a single bolt holding each together. The darker stool was made from a single piece of beech wood. Read more… Keep Going - Check Out These Great Related Dornob Articles: This is How We Roll … Out a Radically Unique Chair Design Hybrid Heirloom: Wood & Plastic Fused to Fix a Family Chair Mind-Warping Wood Folding Chair Looks Curved, Packs Flat…
  • Life is But a Dream: London’s Floating Airbnb Accommodation

    20 May 2015 | 10:00 am
    Forget England's iconic canal boats - this magical little house is Airbnb's Floating House on the River Thames. The undeniably cute home slowly drifts along the river Thames past landmarks like the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, Canary Wharf, and Millennium Bridge. Standing eight meters (26 feet) tall, the home isn't just a miniature novelty. You can actually stay in it and sleep in its two bedrooms. Read more… Keep Going - Check Out These Great Related Dornob Articles: Uboat: Urban Houseboat for City Canals, Lakes & Streams Floating Dome Home: Off-the-Grid Geodesic Island Retreat…
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  • Ramping Up: World’s First Multi-Story Skateboard Park in UK

    24 May 2015 | 6:00 pm
    [ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Public & Institutional. ] Designed to provide 1,000 square meters of recreational space across four floors, this multistory structure bends and curves to accommodate bowls and ramps for skaters who can move vertically between differently-shaped levels. The proposal by British firm Guy Hollaway Architects is to be constructed in Kent as part of a larger project to recreate the area and bring in new and diverse activities. The structure’s semi-transparent skin will allow views in from the surrounding sidewalks and streets. Climbing walls and…
  • Smell Ya Later! 12 Abandoned Fish & Seafood Canneries

    24 May 2015 | 10:00 am
    [ By Steve in Abandoned Places & Architecture. ] The advent of refrigerated ships radically changed the fish and seafood processing industry, leaving dozens of isolated and uneconomical canneries behind. The former Canadian Fishing Company salmon cannery at Butedale on Princess Royal Island, British Columbia, is typical of the genre. Located in the midst of the region’s rich salmon fishing grounds for convenience and expediency, the mossy-roofed cannery and the associated 400-population town of Butedale prospered from about 1911 through the mid-1950s. When the cannery closed, there…
  • Rural Retrofuturism: Dystopian Visions of Swedish Countrysides

    23 May 2015 | 10:00 am
    [ By WebUrbanist in Art & Drawing & Digital. ] Set in an alternate-reality Sweden of the 1980s and 90s, these stunning paintings remix pastoral landscapes with futuristic robots, telling a story of a world that could have been. Robots roam alongside dinosaurs while people go about their everyday lives in surreal juxtapositions that seem all the more real for their everyday contents. Simon Stålenhag‘s artwork has spread like digital wildfire across the internet over the last few years, and the announcement of a pair of English-language books (Tales from the loop) of his images…
  • Balancing Act: Artist Paints Seaside Murals from a Surfboard

    22 May 2015 | 10:00 am
    [ By Steph in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ] Painting a hyper-realistic mural outdoors is challenging enough on its own, and artist Sean Yoro not only pulls off incredible portraits, he does it all while balancing on his surfboard. Known as HULA, the Oahu-born, NYC-based painter meticulously crafts stunning images of women onto waterfront walls. Each of the figures seems to be emerging from the surface, the rest of them unseen in the depths. “Now entering the street art game. Better grab my surfboard, paints, and get as far away from the street as possible,” the artist jokes on…
  • Life After Apocalypse: 8 Seed Banks Saving Up for the Future

    21 May 2015 | 10:00 am
    [ By Delana in Culture & History & Travel. ] By some predictions, Earth will become nearly uninhabitable within just a few generations – and between now and then, one of the most damaging events will be the loss of genetically diverse food crops. Luckily, there are some pretty smart folks out there who are dedicated to keeping seeds safe for the future. Whether it be on a grand, global scale or just a grassroots (pardon the pun) movement at a local library, these seed storage sites might prove to be an incredibly important part of the future of the human race. Svalbard Global…
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  • The City Has Eyes

    Geoff Manaugh
    6 May 2015 | 9:38 am
    [Image: Photo by BLDGBLOG]. In the distant summer of 2002, I worked for a few months at Foster + Partners in London, tasked with helping to archive Foster's old sketchbooks, hand-drawings, and miscellaneous other materials documenting dozens of different architectural projects over the past few decades. On a relatively slow afternoon, I was given the job of sorting through some old cupboards full of videocassettes—VHS tapes hoarded more or less randomly, sometimes even without labels, in a small room on the upper floor of the office. Amongst taped interviews from Foster's various TV…
  • The Town That Creep Built

    Geoff Manaugh
    14 Apr 2015 | 2:38 pm
    [Image: A curb in Hayward reveals how much the ground is drifting due to “fault creep”: the red-painted part is slowly, but relentlessly, moving north. Photo by Geoff Manaugh]. South of San Francisco, a whole town is being deformed by plate tectonics. These are the slow but relentless landscape effects known as “fault creep.” An earlier version of this post was first published on The Daily Beast. The signs that something’s not right aren’t immediately obvious, but, once you see them, they're hard to tune out. Curbs at nearly the exact same spot on opposite sides of the street are…
  • Terrestrial Sonar

    Geoff Manaugh
    13 Apr 2015 | 12:35 pm
    I found this thing in my desk again last night, and, as you can tell from the date in the image, below, it's been following me around since 1998 (!). However, after seventeen years of carrying random clippings like this around in files, folders, drawers, and envelopes—after all, this is only one of many dozens—I decided it was time to get rid of it. But not before writing a quick post. [Image: From Scientific American, September 1998]. The original article actually appeared in Scientific American way back in their 1898 issue, making the fragment, scanned above, just a snippet published…
  • An Artful Rearrangement of Darkness

    Geoff Manaugh
    13 Apr 2015 | 10:34 am
    A post yesterday over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun described a new game called "Kieru," in which monochromatic ninjas lost in a monochromatic landscape alternately blend in with and radically stand out from their architectural surroundings. As Rock, Paper, Shotgun explains, the design of the game is such that "you’ll be trained to react to colour and shadow—two things that are traditionally irrelevant for most games—in completely new ways." This statement combined with the aesthetic of the game itself also brought to mind an undergraduate thesis project that we looked at last week, by…
  • Box Kites, Planes, and Super-Ceilings

    Geoff Manaugh
    12 Apr 2015 | 11:03 am
    Here are some interesting houses by Greek architect Takis Zenetos, whose work we first looked at way back in 2009. [Image: House by Takis Zenetos (1961) from Takis Ch. Zenetos (1926-1977)]. I will confess to knowing almost nothing about these projects, but I wanted to post the images anyway; they're from a book called Takis Ch. Zenetos (1926-1977), which was originally pointed out to me in the comments of that earlier post. [Image: House by Takis Zenetos (1961) from Takis Ch. Zenetos (1926-1977)]. The designs draw heavily on cantilevers and porches, presumably in response to some difficult…
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    Integrated Sustainable Design

  • 3 Steps for Sustainable Landscape Architecture

    Richard Bienvenu
    21 May 2015 | 11:00 am
    Water is a scarce resource, and it’s especially relevant in California. However, a well-designed water efficient landscape design should always be a consideration regardless of location. A water-conscious, sustainable landscape is easily achievable, and the options for native and drought tolerant plants far exceed cacti and succulents. Here are three tips that will help you in creating a sustainable landscape that saves water and improves the aesthetics of your property:
  • Educational Design for the Next Generation of Innovators

    Kate Mraw
    7 May 2015 | 11:00 am
    Last month, Emily Koch and I were honored to present at the CEFPI Southern Regional Conference in San Antonio. We arrived late the night before from a week-long workshop which centered on designing Learning Environments for Tomorrow (LEFT), hosted by Harvard’s Graduate Schools for Education and Design. After long days of design-thinking activities and thought-provoking conversations, the CEFPI conference was quite timely and a perfect venue to continue the conversation. We were able to share not only parts of what we had learned over the last week, but also to share our own research and…
  • LPA Principal Spotlight: Erik Ring

    30 Apr 2015 | 11:00 am
    As part of our 50-year anniversary, we'll meet with each of the firm Principals and get their take on LPA, current projects and of course, sustainable design. Erik Ring, PE, LEED Fellow Principal / Design Director of MEP Engineering LPA Irvine
  • What Does a Landscape Architect Do?

    Andrew Wickham
    16 Apr 2015 | 10:30 am
    I am often asked this question. Through the years, I’ve distilled my response down to something like: we design the outdoor built environment— public and private. However, that doesn’t quite tell the whole story. There is also habitat restoration, bio-remediation, and environmental studies that are all aspects of the profession that don’t necessarily involve “building” something. Now I have an easier answer: World Landscape Architecture Month (#WLAM2015).
  • 5 Things to Consider When Renovating Performing Arts Centers

    Kristen van Elden
    9 Apr 2015 | 10:30 am
    Given the budget constraints being placed on academic facilities today, when an existing performance space is scheduled for a renovation on a campus it is an opportunity to demonstrate the value of the arts to students and for the extended community. Similar to public buildings in a city, a performing arts center on a campus reinforces the power of community. As a result, the facility itself needs to become a landmark on campus demonstrating the support of the arts.
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    Interactive Architecture Lab

  • The Augmentation of Plants

    William Victor Camilleri
    20 May 2015 | 3:32 pm
    Plants intuitively collect information about their surroundings. Much like humans, animals and machines, they have electrical signals travelling inside them, but no nerves. Still, they naturally react to changes in luminous intensity, osmotic pressure, temperature, cutting, mechanical stimulation, water availability and wounding; but in their natural physique, the plants’ silence condemns them into mere automation. The Augmentation of Plants, screenshot: the distribution of branches We, as human beings, have a natural desire to anthropomorphize inanimate objects, in order to sympathize…
  • Cycloïd-E: A Revolution from Industrial Robot to Sound Installation

    Dan Feng
    16 May 2015 | 11:52 am
    Under the name of Cod.Act, André and Michel Décosterd combine their know-how and develop artistic productions. André Décosterd is a musician and Michel Décosterd is an architect. Working together, their works have reflections on sound, light and vision, and the possible interactions among them. Their works do not deliver a unique and pre-defined content, but combine and organise information according to variable parameters. Random, ephemeral, multidimensional, their work reveals itself each time different, infinite. Cod.Act designed a sound installation, Cycloïd-E, in 2009,  which…
  • The ‘Double’ in Bellmer’s Dolls

    Ero Papavassiliou
    7 May 2015 | 7:41 am
    Hans Bellmer is a German-born Surrealist artist and writer best known for the dolls he created around the ’30s. Besides the provocative nature of his work, he is considered as one of most controversial artists of the 20th century. His work touches on scopophilia, fetishism and sadomasochism among others; his dolls are penetrated, decaying, or dissecting themselves like a nightmare or a repressed reminiscence of childhood –he clearly expresses the darker, more frightening side of surrealism. Uncanny Eroticism His work is also emergent with an uncanny tangible eroticism. As Bellmer…
  • The Generator Project

    Aksa Khera
    6 May 2015 | 8:45 am
    Cedric Price’s proposal for the Gilman Corporation was a series of relocatable structures on a permanent grid of foundation pads on a site in Florida. Cedric Price asked John and Julia Frazer to work as computer consultants for this project. They produced a computer program to organize the layout of the site in response to changing requirements, and in addition suggested that a single-chip microprocessor should be embedded in every component of the building, to make it the controlling processor. This would result in an “intelligent” building which controlled its own organisation in…
  • The Cyber-Still Weather Project

    Danah Al Kubaisy
    6 May 2015 | 1:43 am
      In light of the previous blog addressing the notion of The Cybernetics of Stillness, this article presents another example illustrating a cyber-still epiphany formulated when experiencing Olafur Eliasson’s Weather Project.   The Weather Project art installation at Tate Modern (Schnauzer Logic, 2007) For sex months, from fall 2003 to spring 2004, the Tate Modern Museum of London hosted The Weather Project in its enormous Turbine Hall attracting more that two million spectator (Ursprung, 2004) and (Tiffany, 2008). During the exhibition, the 150meter’s long Hall was transformed…
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  • 7 cozy tipis and yurts that make you feel right at home

    Tafline Laylin
    24 May 2015 | 11:59 am
    Read the rest of 7 cozy tipis and yurts that make you feel right at home Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: Colorado Yurt Company, DIY, eco design, green design, green teepees, green tents, native americans, off-grid, permanent housing, plumbing, sustainable design, teepees, temporary housing, tents, tipis, UV windows, yurts
  • Artist creates incredibly detailed life-size Ford Mustang entirely out of paper!

    Brit Liggett
    24 May 2015 | 11:00 am
    Read the rest of Artist creates incredibly detailed life-size Ford Mustang entirely out of paper! Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: 1969 ford mustang, brand, car art, Car Design, eco-art, ford mustang, green art, green car design, jonathan brand, life sized replica, low impact art, mustang, one piece at a time, paper art, paper artwork, paper ford mustang, paper mustang, sustainable art
  • Alterra beach resort uses shipping containers for private glamping cabins

    Bridgette Meinhold
    24 May 2015 | 10:30 am
    Read the rest of Alterra beach resort uses shipping containers for private glamping cabins Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: alterra, alterra glamping, Argentina, Cargotecture, container cabins, container hotel, eco design, eco-tourism, eco-travel, glamping, green architecture, Green Building, green design, pinamar, shipping container hotel, shipping containers, Sustainable Building, sustainable design
  • Controversial Texas hunter bags his $350,000 endangered black rhino

    Michelle Kennedy Hogan
    24 May 2015 | 10:10 am
    We’ve been following closely the story of the Texas man who paid $350,000 for the chance to kill an endangered black rhinoceros, and we’re sad to report today that the hunter has succeeded. Corey Knowlton purchased the permit to kill the endangered animal in an auction in January 2014, igniting a firestorm of controversy. Less than two months after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sanctioned the hunt, Knowlton traveled to Namibia and killed a bull rhino with three shots. Read the rest of Controversial Texas hunter bags his $350,000 endangered black rhino Permalink | Add to…
  • James Cameron designs five huge flower-shaped solar arrays to power his wife’s sustainable school

    Beverley Mitchell
    24 May 2015 | 10:00 am
    Blockbuster director James Cameron has added a new entry to the code of the language of flowers. By gifting his wife, Suzy Amis Cameron, a “bunch” of five solar arrays shaped like giant flowers for her MUSE School in southern California, he not only demonstrated his love for her, but his love for the planet as well. Cameron designed the solar arrays himself over the course of three years. Just like sunflowers, they pivot to face the moving sun to maximize the solar energy they can absorb each day. At an unveiling ceremony for the Sun Flowers, as they are named, Cameron explained,…
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    Floating Podium Information

  • Chicken Flu Spreading as Scientists Appear Everywhere for Clues

    24 May 2015 | 8:56 pm
    Could it be blowing from farm to farm in the dirt? Could identified starlings and pigeons be carrying it into poultry residences on their ft? Is it spreading in feed, or being carried on truck tires? Federal agriculture officers are … Continue reading →
  • fifteen Consuming Behavior That Make You Stay Lengthier

    23 May 2015 | 10:55 pm
    For a lot more than a 10 years, I&#8217ve been operating with a group of authorities to research sizzling places of longevity&mdashregions we get in touch with Blue Zones, exactly where a lot of folks dwell to 100 and past. … Continue reading →
  • six Easy Methods to Increase Your Metabolic rate

    23 May 2015 | 12:55 am
    During my a long time counseling clientele I&rsquove witnessed numerous accomplish great excess weight reduction results, such as people who had not had accomplishment with other techniques, or imagined they couldn&rsquot possibly lose weight because of to a variety of … Continue reading →
  • Study Finds Attainable Association In between Autism and Air Pollution

    22 May 2015 | 2:56 am
    A new study from the College of Pittsburgh indicates that exposure to fantastic particulate air air pollution from pregnancy up and by means of the very first two a long time of childhood might be connected with developing autism spectrum … Continue reading →
  • Transforming the Meaning of Fast Food

    21 May 2015 | 4:55 am
    Roy Choi is seeing things. We’re standing in the Tenderloin, the San Francisco neighborhood that’s notorious for being an open-air market for illegal drugs, staring at a boarded-up gray building at the corner of Turk and Taylor streets. Across the … Continue reading →
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    we make money not art

  • Book review: Photography Visionaries

    24 May 2015 | 7:46 am
    Photography Visionaries is an inspiring guide to 75 of the most influential photographers from around 1900 to the present. Entertainingly written by an expert on photography, it provides fascinating insight into the lives and careers of men and women working in a medium which perhaps more than any other in the visual arts has been deeply affected by technological change continue
  • Unauthorized photos of U.S. intelligence officials stencilled on the walls of your city

    21 May 2015 | 3:06 am
    With his public intervention Overexposed, artist Paolo Cirio disseminates unauthorized pictures of high-ranking U.S. intelligence officials throughout major cities. Cirio obtained snapshots of NSA, CIA, and FBI officers through social media hacks. Then, using his HD Stencils graffiti technique, he spray-paints high-resolution reproductions of the misappropriated photos onto public walls continue
  • A tour of Internet Yami-ichi, the offline Internet flea market

    19 May 2015 | 7:30 am
    Internet Yami-ichi (japanese for Black Market) is a flea market where people sell Internet-ish things face to face. It's a place where artists, designers, art students and hackers sell objects, offer food and DIY workshop, set up hilarious performances and more generally bring Internet offline. The last edition of the market took place in Amsterdam on 9 and 10 May. More precisely at the Flemish Arts Centre De Brakke Grond continue
  • A monetary system designed within the cultural context of Orwell's 1984

    18 May 2015 | 7:36 am
    Wealth Beyond Big Brother looks at what happens to trans-border exchanges when they take place inside highly unregulated states. More precisely within the confines of the disputed territories depicted in George Orwell's book 1984 continue
  • Nearest Costco, Monument or Satellite

    13 May 2015 | 6:22 am
    Nearest Costco, Monument or Satellite is a networked sculpture that accurately points to the nearest Costco, monument or orbiting GPS satellite(s). As an artwork it explores how we form our sense of of place in the contemporary environment continue
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  • Guide on Construction of Industrial Developments in Singapore

    12 May 2015 | 11:41 am
    A very useful guide co-published by I. Building & Construction Authority (BCA) II. Economic Development Board (EDB) III. Energy Market Authority (EMA) IV. JTC Corporation V. National Environment Agency (NEA) VI. Public Utilities Board (PUB) VII. Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) VIII. Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). To find out more...Image via
  • Inside the Designer's Studio with Ken Yeang

    19 Jan 2015 | 5:13 pm
    As I am still on my way to become a registered architect, I can't agree more with this statement: "Fighting frequent and unexpected crises just gives additional stress to the poor architect’s life." and I can't stop either. Dr. Ken Yeang has given his view over the daily delivery-intensive in the talk with Prof. Jason Pomeroy to find out more...Phrase via via…
  • Capsule Hotel by Tatewowe Atelier

    16 Jan 2015 | 6:34 am
    "tetawowe atelier is a young and dynamic design firm specialises in object making. Current projects includes a restaurant in Ipoh, a museum for indigeneous people in Johor and a short film titled as the acrobats." to find out more...Passage via via Links:
  • National Heart Centre

    9 Jan 2015 | 2:34 pm
    Singapore National Heart Centre by Broadway Malyan with Ong and Ong. to find out more...Image via links:
  • Living Small - Tiny House Documentary

    6 Jan 2015 | 12:42 am
    Very nice documentary over another self made tiny house. to find out more...Related links:
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    Jetson Green

  • Maison D is An Affordable Family Home

    Christine Walsh
    22 May 2015 | 12:05 pm
    Traditional building is time consuming, labor intensive, expensive and can be quite damaging to the environment. Part of living a sustainable lifestyle is certainly finding ways to construct our homes with minimal impact and Maison D, recently built by Fouquet Architecture Urbanisme in Couëron, France is a great example of how that can be done. Maison D is a two-story home with a total floorspace of 1,593 sq ft (148 sq m). In the downstairs area there is a large open plan living/dining area with a spacious kitchen, which opens onto a covered deck. The home has two bedrooms, two bathrooms as…
  • Downsize in Style

    Christine Walsh
    21 May 2015 | 9:08 am
    The motto of the company Tiny Heirloom Homes of Oregon is: “downsize, don’t down grade”. To meet this goal they offer a variety of ingenious tiny homes, which range from the basic to the more sophisticated. They also offer off-the-grid options, full customization, and smart home automation in partnership with Nest Labs. One of their goals is also to become the first luxury, custom tiny home manufacturer in the US. The tiny homes they produce are fully customizable, while they all feature high-end flooring materials, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, a composting…
  • Urban Algae Canopy Looks Promising

    Christine Walsh
    20 May 2015 | 9:17 am
    The London-based studio ecoLogicStudio has recently showcased a prototype of its so-called urban algae canopy at the “Feeding the Planet” expo in Milan. The urban algae canopy is a bio-digital structure filled with fluid that contains microalgae organisms. These are pumped around the otherwise transparent structure and are capable of producing oxygen, biomass energy and dynamic shade. They also respond to the presence of visitors and can produce very interesting visual effects. There are a series of tubes, which move the microalgae around to the transparent panels, which make up…
  • Covert House is Sustainable and Gorgeous

    Christine Walsh
    19 May 2015 | 9:05 am
    The London-based architecture firm DSDHA recently completed the build of a very unique house. Covert House, as it is called, is a modern family home, which due to the desire to reduce its visual impact, is sunken halfway into the ground. The visible part of the home is covered with mirrors and glass to make it blend into its surroundings even better. The home also boasts a number of sustainable features and was recently shortlisted for a RIBA housing award. Covert House measures 1,453 sq ft (135 sq m) and is located in Clapham Old Town, London, UK. Due to the strict local conservation laws,…
  • Green Design Saves Time and Environment

    Tim Nieuwenhuis
    18 May 2015 | 10:11 am
    The most solar-panelled, sustainable material-using, eco-friendly building can still leave an unnecessary environmental footprint. How? By forgetting to design the structure paperless. Engineers love to use paper, and an average residential structural engineer will use at least a ton of it every month. This translates to millions of wide printing cartridges dumped and tens of millions of trees chopped down – just to do math. So why not use Jarvis or some fancy engineering relative software and help save the environment? Because, for most buildings, doing the math on paper is just more…
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    The Antiplanner

  • Reducing the Costs of the Purple Line

    The Antiplanner
    22 May 2015 | 12:00 am
    Maryland’s Governor Larry Hogan has said he would approve the costly Purple Line light-rail project provided the cost could be “dramatically” reduced. In response, the Antiplanner presents this modest proposal. The proposal calls for using buses instead of rail, which reduces costs by 98 percent. The resulting bus service would be far more frequent than […]
  • Spend More or Less on Infrastructure?

    The Antiplanner
    21 May 2015 | 12:00 am
    USA Today thinks the federal government needs to spend more on infrastructure. An opposing view suggests that most of any spending increases would go for unnecessary new projects, not for repair of existing infrastructure. Certainly, something must be done about the impasse over the federal transportation bill. But increased spending isn’t necessarily the solution; we […]
  • Two-Month Extension for Highways/Transit

    The Antiplanner
    20 May 2015 | 12:00 am
    The House of Representatives
  • Purple Line Decision Near

    The Antiplanner
    18 May 2015 | 12:00 am
    Maryland Governor Larry Hogan says the $150-million-per-mile cost of the proposed Purple light-rail line between Bethesda and New Carrollton is “not acceptable.” The Maryland Department of Transportation thinks that it can reduce the cost by 10 percent, but that probably isn’t enough, considering that Hogan wants it to be “dramatically lower.” Hogan promises to make […]
  • This Is Why You Should Give Amtrak More of Your Money

    The Antiplanner
    15 May 2015 | 12:00 am
    An Amtrak locomotive caught fire yesterday on its way from Chicago to Milwaukee. Fortunately, all 51 passengers were safely evacuated from the six-car train. At about the time the locomotive was burning, a reporter was telling the Antiplanner that “everyone” in Washington was saying that the Philadelphia accident proves that Amtrak needs more money. No […]
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    SEI Design Group Blog

  • Congrats to Canton CSD!

    SEI Design Group
    20 May 2015 | 12:36 pm
    Congratulations to Canton Central School District! Voters approved two propositions: $6.7 million  building renovations approved and a $3.21 million athletic fields improvements.
  • Another SEI Addition

    SEI Design Group
    12 May 2015 | 12:26 pm
    Congrats to Melissa Zeh-Gross and her husband, Casey, on the birth of their little cutie, Cullen Gross!  He was born 7lb 7oz and 20.5″ long.
  • Albany Office Supports TEARS

    SEI Design Group
    4 May 2015 | 2:43 pm
    Staff at the Albany Office attended a benefit for the New York Chapter of The TEARS Foundation last week. We are so proud of Brenna Uline for her work leading the NY chapter of the TEARS Foundation, which is a 501©(3) that assists families after the death of their baby from 20 weeks gestation to 1 year of life with funeral/cremation expenses, bereavement support and getting a grave marker.  They are also a partner of National Cribs for Kids Safe Sleep Initiative and are able to provide a brand new Pack n’ Play to low income families in hopes of preventing SIDS losses.
  • Team SEI at the Heart Walk

    SEI Design Group
    3 May 2015 | 2:26 pm
    Last week Team SEI raised $1,190 for the American Heart Association, which is awesome!  Way to go, team! It was a beautiful morning on Saturday for the 3.5 mile walk along the river.  This was the 25th annual heart walk in Rochester which raised a total of $673,000 and had 7,200 participants.
  • Congratulations Heuvelton CSD!

    SEI Design Group
    27 Mar 2015 | 8:34 am
    Congratulations to Heuvelton Central School District on their $6.8 million capital improvement project approved by district voters yesterday.  The scope of work will include school building upgrades and sitework.  We are excited to work with them on the plans, which will go to the State Education Department for review when they are completed.
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  • Cubo House / PHOOEY Architects

    AD Editorial Team
    24 May 2015 | 5:00 pm
    Architects: PHOOEY Architects Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia Design Team: Emma Young, Peter Ho , Adam Gordon, Jessie Cook, Rob Chittleborough, Helen Duong, Anne-Claire Deville & Lucinda Arundel. Area: 410.0 sqm Year: 2013 Photographs: Peter Bennetts Photographer Structural Engineer: Perrett Simpson Stantin Landscape Architect: Simon Ellis Builder: Conterno Group From the architect. PHOOEY Architects transformed an existing double storey Victorian-era heritage-listed attached terrace house in Melbourne into a bespoke & sustainable home for a young family. Originally, the house was…
  • Rem Koolhaas On Preservation, The Fondazione Prada, And Tearing Down Part Of Paris

    Rory Stott
    24 May 2015 | 1:00 pm
    With the opening of their Fondazione Prada building in Milan at the start of this month, OMA got the chance to show off a skill that they don’t get the chance to use very often: preservation. In this interview with Kultur Spiegel, Rem Koolhaas talks at length on the topic, explaining that he believes “we have to preserve history,” not just architecture, and arguing that the rise in popularity of reusing old buildings comes from a shift toward comfort, security and sustainability over the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. “The dimensions and…
  • 12 Projects Win North American Copper in Architecture Awards

    Holly Giermann
    24 May 2015 | 11:00 am
    The Copper Development Association (CDA) has announced its selections for the 2015 North American Copper in Architecture Awards (NACIA), now in their eighth year. The awards celebrate stellar projects that incorporate copper in their designs. The 12 award-winning works span three categories and include educational, residential and healthcare buildings in addition to historic landmarks. Winners were selected by a panel of industry professionals based on their overall design, incorporation and treatment of copper, and distinction in either innovation or historic restoration. New…
  • City View Garage in the Miami Design District / IwamotoScott

    AD Editorial Team
    24 May 2015 | 10:00 am
    Architects: IwamotoScott Location: Miami, FL, USA Area: 1403.0 sqm Year: 2015 Photographs: Craig Scott, Daniel Balean, Robin Hill, Vernon Jones Design Architect: IwamotoScott Architecture; Principals: Lisa Iwamoto, Craig Scott, AIA Design Team: Anne Schneider, Cooper Jones Architect Of Record: Tim Haahs Architects + Engineers; Brad Giresi, AIA, Vernon Jones, LEED AP Metal Panel Fabricator: Zahner From the architect. IwamotoScott was commissioned, together with New York based architects Leong Leong and Southern California based artist John Baldessari, by Dacra and LVMH Real estate to design a…
  • AIA Signs Cooperative Agreement with Africa Union of Architects

    Karissa Rosenfield
    24 May 2015 | 9:00 am
    The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Africa Union of Architects (AUA) has signed a cooperative agreement to “share practice tools and resources, creating a framework for American and African architects to work collaboratively in achieving development and infrastructure goals in Africa.” The agreement articulates their mutual interests to advance the “Africa Sustainability Campaign” in spirit of the 2014 U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit in Washington DC. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to reinvigorate and formalize the AIA’s…
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  • Modern Family Home in California Functioning as a Working Vineyard

    23 May 2015 | 6:59 am
    Designed by Swatt Miers Architects, this modern family home in Windsor, California is built on a a 20-acre plot in the Russian River Valley, known as Retrospect Vineyards. The client’s brief requested a project that would function both as a welcoming family home and as a working vineyard: “Equipment and materials for the vineyard are stored in the adjacent barn, clad in the same Windsor Stone as the main house, and a large parking pad accommodates trucks picking up new harvests. A second driveway separates the commercial activity from the residential, but traffic to and from the…
  • 50 Creative Home Organization Ideas

    Anna Callaghan
    22 May 2015 | 10:33 am
    If your home always seems to be cluttered and messy, then you’ve got a problem (and would likely benefit from some home organization ideas).Perhaps you have too much stuff, or you don’t have anywhere to put all of your stuff away. Most homes don’t come with all the organizational tools you need, and often you’ll have to get creative and find out what works for both your storage needs and for your space.Start by taking a walk around your house. What types of items are on your floors and counters, or slung on the backs of chairs and across tables? You may have a system of organized…
  • Compact Home in Spain With An Arresting Inverted Floor-Plan

    Ada Teicu
    22 May 2015 | 7:04 am
    Located in the old town of Blanes, Girona, Spain, this compact home’s design absorbs your attention with an arresting color contrast and sleek, modern design lines. Architects of Jordi Queralt collaborated with La Boqueria to erect this eye-catching structure under the Spanish sun. This curious structure is, in fact, a cozy home known as House Ca’s Bouer.Functional and displaying a casual design, the floor-plan was distinctively separated into social and private areas. This compact home’s ground floor shelters the garage, a small working area and storage space and it makes…
  • Modern Rejuvenation of a Classic California Home: Henbest Residence

    22 May 2015 | 1:00 am
    Henbest Residence is a private house recently redesigned by Robert Sweet, located in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, USA. Initially planned and designed in 1966 by the iconic mid-century modern Architect Pierre Koenig, the building is considered a rejuvenation of a classic California home: “The new design upgrades the building envelope, MEPs, updates finishes and gently renovates and expands the floor plan to accommodate the current owners program, while paying special attention to respect the homes architectural roots”, explained the architects. Every sequence of space is…
  • Alt Club – Exclusive IT Club in Romania Occupying a Historic Building in Timisoara

    Ada Teicu
    21 May 2015 | 10:10 am
    Within an upgraded multifunctional space in Timisoara’s centre, the promising first Romanian IT and creative-digital professionals club invites its exclusive members to enjoy both professional and leisure activities in a playful atmosphere. This exclusive IT club in Romania – the Alt Club – is based on „members only” access. Lucky members and their guests have access to “a study room, a bar area, a movie theater and a game room, all equipped with state of the art technology, thus distancing itself from a classic co-working and networking space for creative-digital…
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  • The City Has Eyes

    6 May 2015 | 9:38 am
    [Image: Photo by BLDGBLOG]. In the distant summer of 2002, I worked for a few months at Foster + Partners in London, tasked with helping to archive Foster's old sketchbooks, hand-drawings, and miscellaneous other materials documenting dozens of different architectural projects over the past few decades. On a relatively slow afternoon, I was given the job of sorting through some old cupboards full of videocassettes—VHS tapes hoarded more or less randomly, sometimes even without labels, in a small room on the upper floor of the office. Amongst taped interviews from Foster's various TV…
  • The Town That Creep Built

    14 Apr 2015 | 2:38 pm
    [Image: A curb in Hayward reveals how much the ground is drifting due to “fault creep”: the red-painted part is slowly, but relentlessly, moving north. Photo by Geoff Manaugh]. South of San Francisco, a whole town is being deformed by plate tectonics. These are the slow but relentless landscape effects known as “fault creep.” An earlier version of this post was first published on The Daily Beast. The signs that something’s not right aren’t immediately obvious, but, once you see them, they're hard to tune out. Curbs at nearly the exact same spot on opposite sides of the street are…
  • Terrestrial Sonar

    13 Apr 2015 | 12:35 pm
    I found this thing in my desk again last night, and, as you can tell from the date in the image, below, it's been following me around since 1998 (!). However, after seventeen years of carrying random clippings like this around in files, folders, drawers, and envelopes—after all, this is only one of many dozens—I decided it was time to get rid of it. But not before writing a quick post. [Image: From Scientific American, September 1998]. The original article actually appeared in Scientific American way back in their 1898 issue, making the fragment, scanned above, just a snippet published…
  • An Artful Rearrangement of Darkness

    13 Apr 2015 | 10:34 am
    A post yesterday over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun described a new game called "Kieru," in which monochromatic ninjas lost in a monochromatic landscape alternately blend in with and radically stand out from their architectural surroundings. As Rock, Paper, Shotgun explains, the design of the game is such that "you’ll be trained to react to colour and shadow—two things that are traditionally irrelevant for most games—in completely new ways." This statement combined with the aesthetic of the game itself also brought to mind an undergraduate thesis project that we looked at last week, by…
  • Box Kites, Planes, and Super-Ceilings

    12 Apr 2015 | 11:03 am
    Here are some interesting houses by Greek architect Takis Zenetos, whose work we first looked at way back in 2009. [Image: House by Takis Zenetos (1961) from Takis Ch. Zenetos (1926-1977)]. I will confess to knowing almost nothing about these projects, but I wanted to post the images anyway; they're from a book called Takis Ch. Zenetos (1926-1977), which was originally pointed out to me in the comments of that earlier post. [Image: House by Takis Zenetos (1961) from Takis Ch. Zenetos (1926-1977)]. The designs draw heavily on cantilevers and porches, presumably in response to some difficult…
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  • How the Meaning of Home Influences Residential Architecture

    27 Apr 2015 | 2:57 pm
    The Architect is responsible for generating a built outcome relating to unique concerns of  practicality, legislation, time, budget and brief. How these constraints and opportunities influence the very personal architecture of our houses? What makes a house a home? Our homes have a deep and unique emotional meaning not only reflecting but also affecting who we are, how we feel, think and act. Is it the responsibility of our home to successfully support our daily activities while nurtures our thoughts, memories, feelings and patterns of behaviour? How does this unique meaning and…
  • Beyond the New – A manifesto for Design

    16 Apr 2015 | 5:05 pm
    A manifesto for design by Hella Jongerius & Louise Schouwenberg:   1. Count the blessings of industry. Industrial processes have greater potential than low-volume productions of exclusive designs, which reach such a limited market that talk of ‘users’ can hardly be taken seriously. Industries can make high-quality products available to many people. We should breathe new life into that ideal. 2. It is absurd and arrogant to begin the design process with an empty piece of paper. Cultural and historical awareness are woven into the DNA of any worthwhile product. Otherwise the…
  • Interesting Stuff on the Internet

    14 Mar 2015 | 9:32 pm
    Interesting stuff on the internet is an article sharing my favourite recent online inspiration and distractions. A swarm of 3-D printing, concrete mixing robots called “Minibuilders” explore the possibility of rethinking construction building processes in the near future. 3-D printing architecture is not new, but this method seems more realistic than the other gantry-based systems. Read the full article here.  It is not just the price of land, the cost of building and tax regimes that are behind Australia’s housing affordability crisis. Social stigma and misunderstanding…
  • The Architact Collective Can Create Your Very Own Ring Design!

    22 Feb 2015 | 3:39 pm
    Eric Chan supported us on Kickstarter by pledging to ‘design his own ring,’ we absolutely love his creation. We wanted to share with you his incredible design. Eric is an Architect from Melbourne, currently living and working in Hong Kong. Below is an interview with Eric who first came across our project on ArchDaily: AC: We love your ring design which maximises the surface area of exposed concrete. What inspired your ring design? EC: The materiality of the concrete ring, of a normally rough material used in a refined way for jewellery, initially drew me to this project. …
  • Create Something Special this Valentine’s: The Architact Collective Do Custom Rings!

    8 Feb 2015 | 3:53 pm
    Are you an architect or builder? Are you moving home? Are you building a home with your life partner? Are you a supplier or manufacturer? Are you on holiday? Why not collect some brick or concrete from your construction site, family home, office or holiday destination and allow us to transform your material into a truly unique ring. A ring that you can carry forever as a very personal and constant reminder of home, work or leisure. We create custom rings! To create your own custom ring send us an email to Below are some images of a custom ring we created for a…
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    CoolHunter RSS Feed

  • Rainbow Chapel - Shanghai

    23 May 2015 | 5:00 pm
    Imagine any city as if it were the human body and think of all the crucial aspects of it which keep us living. Within a city you could consider the people to be the blood; the thing which circulates constantly and gives life. Transport systems are the vessels which allow that blood to move and public infrastructure is the brains of the operation which facilitates the growth and movement of blood cells. Equally important though is that essential organ called the heart. From a geographical sense, the centre of the city is considered the heart however more importantly it's the spaces within a…
  • Voodoo Ray's Pizza - London

    22 May 2015 | 5:00 pm
    It’s yet another example of the worlds of food, design and architecture colliding as this clever modern adaption of the pizza parlor has forever changed the way people grab a slice. Maybe it didn’t seem possible that this experience could be revolutionized yet a collaboration between Voodoo Ray’s and London based design consultancy firm Brinkworth has done exactly this. The collaborative effort these two entities have come up with is mouth-watering both aesthetically and in taste. In every sense of the word Voodoo Ray’s is iconic. Just as a pizza is modular and has an…
  • Asia de Cuba - New York

    21 May 2015 | 5:00 pm
    It's Asian cuisine engineered by a Cuban born and raised chef done with a Latin twist. It speaks true to the character of New York City as its innovative, appeals to the senses and runs the fine line between sophisticated and whimsical. There's a representation through the food of one man's dream to make it big in New York, this man being chef Luis Pous but more importantly it holds a much larger significance within a unique social context.  The menu is exquisite and genuinely original. From black bean & plantain empanadas to ginger & papaya marinated palomilla, there's something…
  • The Wave - Philip Thurston

    19 May 2015 | 5:00 pm
    It’s a natural phenomenon where gravity is defied and so be it is logic, a point in a vast ocean where one wave does the unnatural by going against the grain. You can either attempt to understand it or you can simply go with the flow, appreciate it and feel blessed you were there to see it. Relax the mind and appreciate with the heart.     This is in essence what photographer and writer Philip Thurston does, capturing the seldom moments which most of us may never get to see, delivering them via beautifully taken photographs. This stunning piece is far more than just a black…
  • Daniel Buren - Child's Play Exhibition, Naples

    14 May 2015 | 5:00 pm
    If you are in Naples this summer, check out the Madre contemporary art museum’s, Child’s Play, created by by the 77-year-old French artist Daniel Buren. Buren, known for his use of bold stripes in his installations, cooperated in this work with French architect Patrick Bouchain. As his inspiration Buren used the ideas of Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel (1782-1852), the German pedagogue who created the concept – and word - of kindergarten. A large room on the museum’s first floor is now a colorful miniature city where the guests, adults and kids alike, can walk and…
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    EVstudio, Architect Engineer Denver Evergreen Colorado, Austin Texas Architect

  • 3639 Raleigh Street Custom Denver Home

    Anthony Ries
    20 May 2015 | 10:26 pm
    Another great custom home is nearing completion. The exterior is mostly finished and dried in. The hardwood floors are in place as well as the stairs. One of the great features of this home is the exterior design. Situated on a corner lot this home breaks the big box mold and offers an interesting and new look. The house is nearly 4,000 SF and has a 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. There is also of course, mudroom, laundry, powder, kitchen, dining and greatroom. The great room opens out into the yard to create that fantastic indoor outdoor space that is so loved in Colorado. The home is in the…
  • EVstudio Featured in 2015 Parade of Luxury Homes

    Dean Dalvit
    20 May 2015 | 8:35 am
    LIV SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY ANNOUNCES PARADE OF LUXURY HOMES, EVERGREEN EVstudio’s Silver Rock Manor at 1295 Silver Rock Lane featured as final stop in the Parade. For more information, see In an effort to promote the incredible lifestyle experience of living in Evergreen, Colorado, LIV Sotheby’s International Realty announced the 2015 Parade of Luxury Homes, Evergreen (PLHE), which will take place May 31, 2015. This all day event will share the latest in luxury home design with the community by welcoming the public to tour 8 distinct…
  • Denver Townhomes and Accessibility Points: Part 1 of a Series

    EVstudio AEP
    19 May 2015 | 10:09 am
    When individuals, and developers alike, contemplate taking on the construction of a new project, there are many aspects that must be considered. While most know the basic that need to be covered (who will the team consist of, what type of budget is allowable, who is the target market, etc.), other big ticket factors are sometimes overlooked during the initial schematic “big dreamer” phase. Decisions made during this phase can cause the project to back track in order to get all of the pieces together (costing money in scheduling delays). Accessibility requirements are one item that…
  • Denver Residence – Addition to Main Level and Basement

    Kayla Harmon
    19 May 2015 | 10:09 am
    This is my first project working at EVstudio where I had the opportunity to work architecturally from start to finish. It consists of a main level and basement addition, each around 1,000 square feet. One of our Architect’s and I first met with the clients and were initially shown around their home. During our first meeting we sat down with them and discovered their desired use for the new space. For the main level, they wanted three bedrooms, a master bedroom and two additional bedrooms for their kids, a bathroom for the kids to share, a master bathroom and closet. For the basement,…
  • Clearance of Steel Beams in a Crawlspace

    Jim Houlette
    18 May 2015 | 12:15 pm
    For any elevated structural you need to provide sufficient space below the framing members to meet code requirements.  But there are several other reasons why you should provide additional clearance. If you are building a structural floor with wood joists you must provide 18” clearance between the bottom of the joists to the soil by code.  Otherwise, other building materials such as steel beams may not have a clear definition of how much clearance should be provided. Typically, if you are building an elevated floor you may have poor soil conditions and therefore need to consider soil…
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    Home Design Find

  • Glass Box Dining Room Cantilevers Out Towards Cedar Forest

    Susan Kraemer
    21 May 2015 | 6:38 am
    A coastal home in West Vancouver, British Columbia by Splyce Design features an entirely glassed-in box that cantilevers out towards the surrounding forest. The site was long and narrow, and footprint requirements precluded expanding the foundation to the side closer to the forest. So the architect solved the resulting too-narrow footprint by cantilevering several rooms back out to the side. The result is like leaning sideways over the forest floor to capture the water views. The reflective flooring of polished concrete further captures the native creekside vegetation, as if the diners are…
  • Isolated Tropical Villa and Guesthouse on a Brazilian Mountainside

    Susan Kraemer
    18 May 2015 | 11:38 am
    A holiday villa that is more outside than inside is framed in rustic wood beams and barely filled-in walls of earthy golden stucco. The simple tropical vacation home is sited amidst the most breathtaking unspoiled tropical rain forest on a mountainside in Brazil. Despite its extreme isolation, the simple retreat is comfortable and has even a spartan sort of eco-luxury. Sturdy furnishings are simply fashioned of local sustainable timbers. Here, the comforting old staple of rocking chairs on the porch take on a tropical air. Huge hollowed-out bamboo supplies fireside storage. Both TV and fire…
  • Warm Pine in Old Stone Farmhouse Conversion in Spain

    Susan Kraemer
    14 May 2015 | 6:55 am
    This historic farmhouse in rural Cantabria was renovated by Manel Casellas and Mar Puig de la Bellacasa at Barcelona studio 2260mm architects. The original had been extremely dark. The original barn had housed animals on the ground floor, with the owners on two floors above. Because the stone barn collapsed during the renovation, they had to completely rebuild. The new structurally sound framework of wooden columns, beams and staircases provides a warm contrast to the rough stone walls. The old stone barn is filled with fresh young wood. The kitchen, seen here, is on the ground floor, now…
  • Slide-Out Guest Bedrooms Define Odd French Holiday Cottage

    Susan Kraemer
    13 May 2015 | 6:54 am
    An unusual all-black holiday cottage from Atelier Raum in the French Bretagne region quietly but definitively defies local village traditions. A huge skylight brings brilliant light into an all-white interior room, contrasting with the dark exterior. This roof-wide skylight is at the base of a green roof that appears to continue the wooded hillside up another slope. Even stranger, this brilliantly daylit room is dug into the hillside, creating a pair of 45 degree angles with the roof slope. Interestingly, two guest bedrooms can be rolled entirely out of the tiny cottage, and placed facing any…
  • Design Dilemma: Turning a Bedroom into a Closet

    12 May 2015 | 3:01 am
    Contemporary Closet by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Amoroso Design Surely it’s a sign of the times when we find ourselves afflicted with far more things than space to store them all. In fact, that’s the case for many of us, who find ourselves overloaded with clothes, shoes, purses, and luggage. We may also happen to have a spare bedroom that remains empty most of the time. What’s the solution? How about turning that spare bedroom into an actual closet? The plusses of this bold move are many. For one, turning an extra room into a walk-in closet can be as…
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  • What Is a Hygrothermal Building Assessment?

    Paula Melton
    29 Apr 2015 | 8:06 am
    Author name:  Peter Yost Blog Category:  BuildingGreen's Top Stories Green Topics:  Moisture Control for Health Moisture Management Water Management Energy Efficiency Hygro refers to water, and thermal refers to heat. In buildings, you really can’t manage heat without also managing moisture. For example, if you increase how much insulation is in a wall, you may also be increasing the risk of moisture and mold problems. There are four ways that buildings can get wet: bulk water leaks (rain dripping through a hole in your roof) wicking (groundwater being pulled up through a…
  • Leaders in Sustainable Design Speaking at AIA Convention 2015

    Alana Fichman
    27 Apr 2015 | 11:48 am
    Author name:  Alana Fichman Blog Category:  BuildingGreen's Top Stories AIA Convention Looking for the greenest updates at Convention this year? Here is our quick roundup. As architects and other design professionals from around the nation gather in Atlanta this week, they will find that the gap between design and sustainable design is narrower than ever. But if you are looking for the greenest talks of them all, look no further! Many of today’s greatest minds in sustainable design will be sharing their stuff—with everything from specifying healthier building materials to the…
  • BuildingGreen Hiring Marketing Position

    Tristan Roberts
    9 Apr 2015 | 12:17 pm
    Author name:  Tristan Roberts Blog Category:  Op-Ed Want to join the innovative marketing team of the world’s most trusted green building publisher? BuildingGreen, Inc. is hiring a key marketing position at either an assistant or coordinator level. This person would be an essential team member for all things we do related to marketing and for staying in touch with our loyal readers and reaching those who haven’t heard about us yet. The position will entail: Campaign development and management read more
  • Learn Sustainable Design without Having to Brave the Cold and Snow

    Paula Melton
    2 Mar 2015 | 12:33 pm
    Author name:  Alex Wilson Blog Category:  Energy Solutions BuildingGreen's Top Stories Green Topics:  Education and Training A new round of online BAC Sustainable Design courses is starting up soon. Going out in the polar vortex is not a prerequisite. I’m about to start teaching another round of my online course, Resilient Design, at Boston Architectural College (BAC), and this provides an opportunity to reflect on teaching at BAC and, more broadly, the online instruction in sustainable design offered through this program. 20 excellent online courses I first started teaching…
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    v2com newswire | design, architecture, lifestyle

  • Fundraising for the integrated and sustainable earthquake-resistant reconstruction of Nepal

    v2com newswire
    18 May 2015 | 4:04 am
    Montréal, CanadaEmergency and Development ArchitectsInstitutional Architecture, Architectural Products , Art, Business, Commercial Architecture, Culture, Event + Exhibition, Health + Wellness, Hotel, Industrial Architecture, Installation + Public art, Landscape Architecture, Lifestyle, Photography, Real Estate, Residential Architecture, Sustainable Development, Travel Following the violent earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25th, 2015, EDA is launching a fundraising campaign to rally architects, construction professionals and citizens, to quickly start an integrated earthquake-resistant…

    v2com newswire
    14 May 2015 | 9:05 am
    Montréal, CanadaLoud+Clear, the design marketEvent + Exhibition, Business, Edition, Furniture, Gastronomy, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Lighting Design, Object + Accessory, Photography, Product, Sustainable DevelopmentThe event LOUD+CLEAR – The Design Market is happy to be back for its 4th edition to the west side of downtown Montreal, at Concordia University’s Atrium of the EV Building , from May 22 to 24. What a great time to discover the new products from its designers, taste fine local products and do a little shopping: the best of what Quebec design has to offer will be…
  • INTERNI magazine announces talks programme: "American Architects meet Italian Design", 16-18 May, New York

    v2com newswire
    12 May 2015 | 11:02 am
    London, United KingdomINTERNI magazine Event + Exhibition, Architectural Products , Culture, Furniture, Gastronomy, Industrial Architecture, Industrial Design, Institutional Architecture, Institutional Interior Design, Kitchen + Bathroom, Landscape Architecture, Lighting Design, Real Estate, Residential Architecture, Residential Interior Design, Sustainable Development INTERNI and Salone del Mobile.Milano in collaboration with  Flos, Flou, FontanaArte, Luceplan, Poliform, Scavolini, Technogym present seven special appointments with architecture and design "American Architects meet…
  • World Interiors News Awards 2015 jury announced 

    v2com newswire
    8 May 2015 | 10:12 am
    London, United KingdomWorld Interiors News Commercial Interior Design, Commercial Architecture, Competition, Cottage + Country house, Event + Exhibition, Furniture, Hotel, Industrial Design, Installation + Public art, Institutional Interior Design, Lifestyle, Lighting Design, Luxury, Object + Accessory, Office, Product, Residential Interior Design, Restaurant + Bar, Shop + Retail, Spa + Pool, Urban Design Excitement around the official announce of the international jury for the WIN Awards 2015 The value of an award is determined not only by the number and calibre of participants, but also the…
  • Exhibition and conference ‘’Derrière le miroir’’

    v2com newswire
    7 May 2015 | 12:03 pm
    Québec, CanadaBisson & AssociésEvent + Exhibition, Commercial Architecture, Commercial Interior Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Architecture, Institutional Architecture, Institutional Interior Design, Residential Architecture, Residential Interior Design
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    Tabor Design Build, Inc.

  • Energy-Saving Tips for Your Home

    21 May 2015 | 2:03 pm
    Getting your home ready for warmer temperatures can help you save money and energy all summer long! Get Ready for Storms Check your roof flashing, caulking and shingles for any damage. Flashing should be sealed with approved roofing sealant. Also inspect the caulking and weatherstripping around doors and windows to ensure your home is air …
  • Aging in Place: Some Considerations

    15 May 2015 | 7:09 am
    What options should older adults consider when thinking about aging in place? Is your current home near medical facilities? Do you have easy access to shopping? Do you live in close proximity to family members and other relatives? Do you love your present community? Will selling and downsizing increase your financial position? Will a smaller home …
  • Collect “Free” Water With Rain Barrel

    7 May 2015 | 8:34 am
    A rain barrel is a system that collects and stores rainwater from your roof that would otherwise be lost to runoff and diverted to storm drains and streams. Usually a rain barrel is composed of a 55-gallon drum, a vinyl hose, PVC couplings, a screen grate to keep debris and insects out, and other off-the-shelf …
  • Get Creative With Backsplash Designs

    21 Apr 2015 | 11:10 am
    Wall Tile Designs Extend your beautiful backsplash to cover the whole wall. Not only will your tile prove durable and easy to clean, it will also provide a harmonious look that enlarges the whole room. And if you never liked the backsplash in the first place, you can achieve the look of a regular wall …
  • Does Your Backsplash Make a Statement?

    13 Apr 2015 | 10:44 am
    If you want to get technical, a backsplash is only there to make cleanup around sinks, stoves, and other messy and wet areas easier. It’s armor for your kitchen or bathroom. But who says armor has to be boring? Your backsplash can make a statement or even be the center of the room. A typical …
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    How much

  • The Top Exported Good in Each State, in One Map

    1 May 2015 | 12:34 am
    The U.S. economy is diverse, with strengths in many different industries. This diversity ultimately strengthens the economy and makes it more resilient to shocks. A map of the top exports from each state illustrates this diversity. Tweet As a follow up to a previous blog post on state imports, we decided to look at the most exported products from each state. The map above summarizes the results of our analysis of export data from U.S Census Bureau. At first glance, there are a lot of states exporting aircraft, and to a lesser extent trucks and cars. There are also a large number of states…
  • The Top Imported Good in Each State, in One Map

    21 Apr 2015 | 9:40 pm
    Looking at the dominant import of each state reveals the economic commodity on which each state is most dependent. Immediately noticeable is the dominance of oil and oil-related products such as gasoline or vehicles. The U.S. economy, like other industrialized economies, is highly reliant on the production and flow of oil. The map above shows each state’s largest import (by dollar value) in 2014. Imports can be broken down into four main categories: fuel, food, electronics, and machinery. An interesting finding is certainly the high import level of sweaters & pullovers in Wisconsin.
  • Cost Obsessions Around the World

    17 Apr 2015 | 4:22 am
    Google’s autocomplete function provides suggestions derived from common Google searches by other users. Comparing autocomplete results for searches on different countries reveals how certain places are perceived by people around the World. It turns out that Google searches for the cost of something vary widely depending on the country of interest. For example, people are most interested in the cost of a passport or a patent in North America. As for Europe, many are concerned about practical things like the cost of living, studying, or buying a beer. Google users are interested in basic…
  • The Most Unique Jobs in the Top 50 U.S Metros

    13 Apr 2015 | 9:31 pm
    It is well known that each U.S. state is unique in terms of the employment opportunities available. But it turns out that the types of jobs that are common in metropolitan areas also vary greatly, even between cities within the same state. We looked at data for 50 of the biggest cities in the U.S. to see which jobs are more common than the U.S. average. The results reveal many interesting trends and confirm some stereotypes about U.S. cities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) releases data that show the occupation with the highest Location Quotient (LQ) by metropolitan area. An LQ is…
  • How Much Does it Cost to Live The American Dream?

    8 Apr 2015 | 7:35 am
    The answer depends on where you want to live. The American Dream of homeownership is no longer realistic for many Americans with middle class wages. Across the country, the affordability of single family homes varies widely. To buy an average home in Cleveland, one would need a salary of at least $22,400, while an average home in San Francisco demands a salary of at least $137,500. Homeownership has long been seen as a natural step toward a secure future. But with wages in the U.S. relatively stagnant compared to house prices over the past four decades, homeownership is increasingly out of…
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    WATG RSS Feed - Blog

  • Architecture Blog: Ramada Reef Resort: A Case Study

    13 May 2015 | 9:16 pm
    The following is an interview of Greg Tong conducted by Hawaii Architect in August of 1986, shortly after the opening of the Ramada Great Barrier Reef Resort. The resort was the first of it's kind anywhere in the world, where all major trees were retained, and the building was designed to be a part of the forest rather than apart from it. Even the pool was built well above the ground to avoid damage to tree roots. It's achievable." "It doesn't take a megabuck insurance company." "You need not be a development giant to put together a well-designed environmentally…
  • Travel Blog: Nepal Earthquake Relief

    30 Apr 2015 | 10:05 pm
    After having just spent two and a half weeks in Nepal trekking through the Langtang Valley and visiting areas in and around Kathmandu the recent earthquake in the area has left the four of us really shaken. Less than two weeks ago we were there standing in some of the spots that were hardest hit. We have pictures of beautiful temples and buildings that two weeks later have been reduced to a pile of bricks.(Langtang Village – According to reports on Nepal Television (NTV), via a tweet from reporter Michael Holmes at CNN, the valley is "completely destroyed." And according to…
  • Architecture Blog: My Fantasy

    28 Apr 2015 | 5:22 pm
    The following is an interview of Jerry Allison conducted by The Architects' Journal in December of 1992 shortly after the grand opening of the Palace of The Lost City in Sun City, South Africa. The Lost City pushed the boundaries of technology and construction for a highly detailed and complex fast-track project. I'd never done anything like this before except in my mind. Usually my architecture relates to specific architecture that has developed in a region - we've worked in Malaysia, Japan, the south Pacific islands, relating the new architecture to the old, taking into account the…
  • Architecture Blog: A Look Back In Time

    21 Apr 2015 | 8:22 pm
    As part of our 70th Anniversary celebration, we'll be revisiting past articles and interviews of our founders and past employees of WATG. The following is an article written by Pete about the origin of WATG. The article was originally published in the December 1986 issue of Hawaii Architect when the firm was known as Wimberly Whisenand Allison Tong & Goo.  At the end of World War II, there was a great backlog demand for buildings of all sorts. During the four years of war, only essential or defense-oriented projects were allowed.There was some housing built as it was felt that these…
  • Architecture Blog: Chuck Gee honored by PATA

    8 Apr 2015 | 9:09 pm
    It was an honor for me to attend the Pacific Asia Travel Association's "Gallery of Legends" induction ceremony for Chuck Gee, University of Hawaii Regent, and Dean Emiritus of the University of Hawaii School of Travel Industry Management.Chuck's accomplishments were celebrated at an exclusive invitation-only reception, and a plaque was presented in his honor to be displayed at the Gallery of Legends display at the Honolulu International Airport. Interestingly, Chuck's plaqe is next to Pete Wimberly's plaque. Pete was honored as one of the founding members of PATA.  You can read…
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    Vista Window Film RSS

  • Over-Lighting: A Barrier to Energy Efficiency

    5 May 2015 | 5:54 am
    With computers and tablets impacting the way we work, recommended indoor lighting levels have changed. As a result, lighting intensity levels in some commercial buildings are now higher than what’s necessary or appropriate for specific work-related tasks. Beyond wasting energy and hindering efficiency efforts, over-lighting a commercial building can adversely affect tenant and occupant health. Indoor lighting that is too intense can cause headaches, fatigue, stress, and anxiety. Some research indicates that it can also impact natural circadian rhythms. Over-illumination can also cause your…
  • The Most Awarded ENERGY STAR Building in the U.S.

    7 Apr 2015 | 6:16 am
    Recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized the only building in the United States to achieve a remarkable 15 consecutive ENERGY STAR certification labels: the U.S. Airways/American Airlines headquarters building in Tempe, AZ. Since the ENERGY STAR certification for buildings began in 1999, the building has met strict energy-efficiency standards set forth by the EPA. This nine-story, 218,000-square-foot office tower was named as the 2000 Building of the Year by the Arizona Chapter of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) right after it…
  • Famous Landmarks Make Green Building a Priority

    31 Mar 2015 | 6:10 am
    Commercial buildings of all sizes are making big strides in energy efficiency and environmental impact reduction. We found five well-known landmarks that have recently implemented some remarkable green building strategies to reduce energy and water use. Check out what these famous buildings around the world are doing to improve building performance. Empire State Building A $550 million energy-efficiency initiative implemented by the Empire State Building ultimately earned LEED Gold certification, but that wasn’t the landmark’s ultimate goal. The team started with more traditional…
  • Developing Occupant Thermal Comfort Surveys

    17 Mar 2015 | 6:30 am
    What’s the best way to know whether your building is fulfilling tenant and occupant needs, helping them be their most productive? By asking them questions. A web-based survey that collects information about your facility’s indoor environmental quality can provide valuable feedback about workplace effectiveness. Tenant and occupant feedback can also help you make decisions about what’s working and what’s not when it comes to green building features. Are occupancy sensors functioning like they should be? Is the glare from sunlight through windows hindering productivity? You can be as…
  • Energy-Efficient Products with the ENERGY STAR Label

    3 Mar 2015 | 5:36 am
    ENERGY STAR is a helpful resource when you’re looking for energy-efficient commercial building systems such as HVAC and lighting. The program outlines points to consider when investing in fixtures, water heaters, boilers, etc. All systems and products with the ENERGY STAR label are independently certified to save energy without forfeiting functionality. But did you know that ENERGY STAR also now certifies smaller types of products that are likely being used inside your building? Vending Machines Although most building owners and facilities managers don’t have direct control over vending…
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    Life of an Architect

  • Convention Wife

    Bob Borson
    20 May 2015 | 10:01 pm
    I was in Atlanta last week attending the 2015 American Institute of Architects National Convention. I arrived on Tuesday afternoon and I left that next Sunday morning – essentially spending 4 full days surrounded by people just like me (no offense to those people who don’t want to be compared to me). I typically enjoy myself when I attend this convention, but that wasn’t always the case. Sure, you meet a lot of interesting people, pick up a bunch of continuing education requirements, and hopefully go on some good building tours – the are always fun – but the…
  • Architectural Scale Figures

    Bob Borson
    10 May 2015 | 10:01 pm
    Prediction – if you can’t get a handle on scale and proportion, you are going to make for a bad architect (at least one that considers themselves a designer). One of the very most important skill sets a designer can have is their ability to visualize space and the things that occupy that space. This means having a good feeling when something is – or isn’t as is frequently the case – the right size. I think this is a skill that comes more naturally to some but even if it is something that you struggle with, there are all sorts of devices that have been developed…
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    I Like Architecture

  • Butterton by LLI Design

    Miguel Rus
    21 May 2015 | 9:00 pm
    © Alex Maguire LLI Design have recently completed a total redesign of the ground floor of a newly built detached house in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. The clients, a young professional couple with 2 children, wanted a modern look that wasn’t cold and clinical, they wanted their home to be somewhere they could relax and entertain, but at the same time would function as a practical family home. The Brief, Space planning, layout and flow The family had bought the house new and over time had come to recognise that it did not fulfil their wishes as to how they wanted to live. The original…
  • Chalet Piolet by Chevallier Architectes

    Miguel Rus
    20 May 2015 | 9:00 pm
    © Alexandre Mermillod Chalet Piolet was originally an old wooden shed in very poor condition – a strong candidate for demolition. The challenge was to find ways to develop and optimize the spaces within a volume that could not be modified due to planning by-laws. Features The project is an architect’s house, for an architect. Not only did the building need to be inhabitable, it also had to set an example for building of its style and reflect the architect’s vision for the future of construction in mountainous areas (boldness, contemporary lines, high-quality materials, and…
  • Ikanos Restaurant by BlazysGérard

    Miguel Rus
    19 May 2015 | 9:00 pm
    © Jean Longpré Ikanos, an Old Montreal restaurant with Mediterranean flair and the little brother to Tasso, the Saint-Denis Street institution with an expansive vision, officially opened on October 14, 2014 at 112 McGill Street. For his new Mediterranean-inflected restaurant, the ambitious owner chose an imposing space on McGill, in an old warehouse that had more recently served as an artist’s studio. He selected blazysgérard to take on the challenge of crafting a strong identity for the space.  The concept is based on a reinterpretation of the characteristic architecture of Greece and…
  • The Pinch, Library and Community Center by Olivier Ottevaere + John Lin

    Miguel Rus
    18 May 2015 | 9:00 pm
    © Courtesy of Olivier Ottevaere + John Lin The Pinch is a library and community center in Shuanghe Village, Yunnan Province, China. The project is part of a government led reconstruction effort after an earthquake in September 2012. The majority of village houses were destroyed, leaving the residents living in tents for up to one year. After the earthquake the government has sponsored new concrete and brick houses and a large central plaza. During the first site visit, the houses remained incomplete and the plaza was a large empty site.   The University of Hong Kong decided to sponsor the…
  • A Modern Boathouse in a Canadian Landscape by Weiss Architecture & Urbanism Limited

    Miguel Rus
    17 May 2015 | 9:00 pm
    © Arnaud Marthouret Located on one of the many islands dotting The Archipelago in Georgian Bay, Ontario, this private boathouse and docking facility designed by Kevin Weiss of Weiss Architecture & Urbanism Limited exemplifies a quiet and precise modernism. Through careful form-making and the use of rustic materials, the project responds gently both to the natural and cultural context of the area, where historically built-form yields to the power of the landscape with its exposed and glacially carved granite and wind swept jack pines.   Sitting on a structure of robust timber and rock…
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    Designhunter - architecture & design blog

  • Warm industrial chic in seaside Brighton

    Kim McFayden
    15 May 2015 | 10:06 pm
    I came across this architectural beauty while researching a fireplace / tv combination for my own home. I’m sure you’ll agree, the way mckimm architecture has combined the two elements is simply stunning, using a concrete hearth poured on site together with a striking customised steel fabrication for the black firebox around the fireplace.   This unique property is owned by the architects who designed it and was designed to cater to the needs and social lives of a young family of five. The design takes advantage of the North-Western orientation, providing beautiful views from…
  • Sustainable prefab beach house in Blairgowrie

    Kim McFayden
    9 Dec 2014 | 9:50 pm
    This lovely little beach house was created by the talented folk at Archiblox. Located in the seaside village of Blairgowrie, the house is a sustainable pre-fab designed around 3 modules that are clad externally with corrugated colorbond and internally with floor to ceiling plywood. The house features custom-made joinery throughout which was also made by Archiblox. The house was designed in the shape of the letter H, with north-south orientation which gives the home an abundance of natural light and warmth. All this was built in 22 weeks off-site and just 3 weeks on-site using as main…
  • Sustainably striking cabin in Blairgowrie

    Kim McFayden
    22 Aug 2014 | 12:40 am
    This multi-award winning project known as “Cabin 2″ is a fantastic contribution to the small architecture movement, which focuses on small, light-weight and eco-friendly structures. It’s a movement I’m very fond of and I try to feature as often as possible to show what can be achieved with a smaller space. Often magic comes from the limitations of a project, and this home is no exception. Maddison Architects were engaged to design an extension to an existing 60’s log cabin in the seaside village of Blairgowrie, south of Melbourne.   The design was around…
  • Handcrafted reclaimed furniture by Aussie designer Brett Sambrooks

    Kim McFayden
    18 Aug 2014 | 6:54 pm
    I was excited to come across a talented Aussie furniture craftsman by the name of Brett Sambrooks. Each piece is handcrafted from reclaimed timber and second hand materials to produce one-off individual, collectable and creative pieces. Brett is based in Koondrook, a small Victorian town nestled on the banks of the Murray River, where he crafts pieces that often have a story, like the red gum stools below made from one solid piece of timber that spent its former life in an old mechanic’s shed where they had been kept for decades and used as car blocks.   The raw earthiness of the…
  • Wonderfully serene interiors in Prahan

    Kim McFayden
    6 Aug 2014 | 1:00 am
    This home in the inner Melbourne suburb of Prahan began life as a single level Victorian house. Originally compartmentalised with lots of rooms, the new design by Studio Four involved a strategic replanning of the ground floor, the addition of a new first floor, along with the flexibility to adapt each space to suit the ever changing dynamics of family life.    A stronger connection was forged between the interiors and the exterior courtyards through a serious of concealed sliding doors, which increased light, fresh air and aspect. The rear courtyard is connected to the kitchen and…
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  • IGS & UAHS Summer School – Historic Buildings of Armagh & Monaghan

    21 May 2015 | 4:41 am
    The Irish Georgian Society and the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society are coming together for the first time to provide a cross-border summer school in Armagh and Monaghan called ‘Conservation without Frontiers: Historic Buildings of Armagh & Monaghan in Context’. Taking place over three days from the 25th to the 27th of June, 2015, the event […](Read more...)
  • 1905 – Northern Bank, Whitehead, Co. Antrim

    20 May 2015 | 7:01 am
    Architect: Godfrey W. Ferguson Designed by Godfrey W. Ferguson who was architect to the Northern Banking Co. and designed many of its branch banks across the country. Included living accommodation for the branch manager. No longer in use as a bank.(Read more...)
  • 1882 – Methodist Church, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim

    20 May 2015 | 6:50 am
    Architect: Samuel Patrick Close Demolished in 2008.(Read more...)
  • 1901 – Temperance Hotel, Whitehead, Co. Antrim

    20 May 2015 | 6:48 am
    Originally opened as a Temperance Hotel at the railway excursion resort of Whitehead. Later known as Sunshine House, now a much altered private residence.(Read more...)
  • O’Donnell & Tuomey / Allies & Morrison win Stratford Waterfront competition

    20 May 2015 | 4:27 am
    A team including O’Donnell & Tuomey have been appointed to the Stratford Waterfront scheme, a key part of Olympicopolis in east London. The Irish architects are in a team with Allies & Morrison, Josep Camps/Olga Felip Arquitecturia, Gustafson Porter, Buro Happold, and Gardiner & Theobald. Sheila O’Donnell and John Tuomey said: “We are delighted to […](Read more...)
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    Homesthetics - Inspiring ideas for your home.

  • 28 Super Awesome Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Summer Nights

    Anton Giuroiu
    24 May 2015 | 5:46 am
    It is time. It is time to enjoy these extraordinary summer nights at their best. Super awesome outdoor lighting ideas have been presented below to light your path and make everything as beautiful and as vibrant as possible. Use tin cans, simple plastic bottle tricks, mason jars or string lights; there are numerous lighting options to go with when it come summer night entertaining; all of them subtle and elegant, all of them easy to realize. Cast a glance at the ideas showcased below and pick your favorite ideas, we would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below.
  • Extraordinary Authenticity in 41 Barbecue and Grill Design Ideas For Your Parties

    Anton Giuroiu
    22 May 2015 | 10:36 am
    If you are one of the happy individuals blessed with a small backyard we are sure you own a grill/barbecue that animates your festive entertaining. Along with your fire pit and pergola a small barbecue is mandatory. We have selected underneath simply extraordinary pieces of design realized through iron work and creativity in barbecue and grill design ideas for your parties. If you really want to make a statement we invite you to envision your own barbecue design, focus on your hobbies and create a sculptural piece that in a manner will describe the personality of the owner. These designs will…
  • 24 Decoration Ideas That Will Transform Your Kitchen Walls

    Anton Giuroiu
    17 May 2015 | 10:03 am
    Kitchen design is complex and the most beautiful cabinets in the world along with the most expensive appliances will never define a kitchen. A kitchen is alive thanks to the individuals animating it, it remains always active, always in our minds. We will never forget the kitchen in which we`ve eaten with our family, we will never forget its layout and its ups and downs. A kitchen is constructed and sculpted by the great moments experienced in it and its walls and ceiling will always be there to tale the great tale of a family. As we are sure you already know what kitchen cabinets and…
  • 28 Mindbogglingly Alluring Small Backyard Designs Beautified by Swimming Pools

    Anton Giuroiu
    17 May 2015 | 10:00 am
    Swimming pools need no introduction. They`re by far the greatest landscaping items when it comes to health and happiness. A private swimming pools is simply stunning, it will beautify your backyard landscape regardless of its shape or size, it will become the nest in which you and your friends reside weekend by weekend. Nothing more beautiful, nothing grander. Despite popular belief you can materialize small swimming pools in your backyard, even in small backyard swimming pools can be sheltered as long as you plan things out properly. Keep in mind that the swimming pool will be by far the…
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    Hot for Houses

  • My pretty peonies

    6 May 2015 | 3:09 pm
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year. ‘Tis the season for one of the world’s most insanely gorgeous flower. My love for peonies dates back to the late 80’s when my mom started growing them in our yard. Our neighbor Grace (who has long passed, RIP to a wonderful artist, gardener, and human being) gave mom some clippings one day and the rest is blossoming beauty history.  Maybe it’s because they originate in Asia like me, but very little beats the ginormous release of endorphins in my brain when I feast my eyes on these beauties. Today, as a…
  • DIY shibori-inspired throw pillows, with a Sharpie!

    25 Apr 2015 | 6:40 am
    Today’s DIY brought to you by the Easy-Way-Out Association of America. Because seriously, folks, this is something you can do with zero artistic talent and with stuff that you probably have laying around the house.  Here’s a little ditty about my brush with this project a while ago. It all started with my obsession for shibori. Dating back to the 8th century in Japan, Shibori is a tie dye process that involves twisting, stitching, folding, compressing, and clipping cloth before dipping it into dye. It is gorgeous and since I love all things Japanese-design related, I attempted…
  • San Jose del Cabo and my Otomi obsession

    24 Mar 2015 | 11:03 pm
    You’re never too old to go on spring break with the girls. But this time, it wasn’t about downing cocktails and waking up on the beach hungover with no recollection of the night before (not that I’ve ever done that, no sir).  The first time I went to Mexico with my girlfriends was in 2004. We were young, single (mostly), and carefree. Back then, the only place to be was Cabo San Lucas where the nightlife extended into the early mornings and tequila was consumed like water. Since then, we’ve been to Puerto Vallarta but it wasn’t until this year that we…
  • DIY succulent wreath

    13 Dec 2014 | 11:20 am
    ‘Tis the season. Actually, a living wreath is season-agnostic, me thinks. So yeah, the holidays are here and I totally get the excitement one can feel for snazzifying one’s abode during this time of the year. Against my better hoarding instincts, I tend to err on the side of minimalism but I do enjoy festive sprays of greens around the house. And what better way to validate my succulent hoarding habits than to actually put them to use! Oh it’s beyond out of control. But the wreath? The wreath is easy. 1. Cut your clippings. You might need to pull off some leaves around the…
  • Paper lanterns out of furniture catalogs

    19 Jul 2014 | 8:14 am
    A few weeks ago, we received what I thought were multiple copies of telephone books delivered to our door. Turns out, it was a home furnishings giant that went full on cray cray with their catalogs. “WTF?” I thought to myself. “Do something about it!” my alter ego responded. So I DIY’d. When you get something so absurd in this day and age, you wonder about the desperation of the company behind it. Don’t get me wrong, I love catalogs and magazines and eye candy that produce salivation and “gotta have it” angst, but this is REDONC. I did some…
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  • Brief 6 Eco-Friendly Habits That Will Save You Money

    29 Apr 2015 | 7:06 am
    6 eco-friendly habits that will save you money will make you get even more reason of why becoming eco-friendly is kind. More thanks to the nature will be now given, since nature apparently gives you more than just its resources or its very nature. It lets you live and further, it lets you live your life more. By saving more bucks with becoming more eco-friendly, you will both save the nature and save yourself for more good. It is a way of mutual benefit you and your nature can really cooperate together. Eventually, you will have more reasons why nature is the most kind-hearted in the earth…
  • How To Answer Does Choosing A Big Home Make You Richer?

    24 Apr 2015 | 7:59 am
    Does choosing a big home make you richer?, is actually a tricky question. In a brief, the answer is no, it does not. You know what follows this answer of no; because the big home has big cost and big cost will make you spend more, and by spending more you lose more and by losing more you will hardly get rich. This answer is very logical and it may be true. But, you may have heard that everything depends. In this choosing a big home thing, perspective also exist. Perspective works naturally, but if you decide to go on one perspective constantly, you will make one more positive side of…
  • Brief 12 Simple Ways to Save Money around the House

    21 Apr 2015 | 7:49 am
    12 simple ways to save money around the house will help you save 100 or even more. Money is indeed a big issue and clearly no one denies it, even those who think that happiness does not always come from money will love finding ways how to get more and more money. Yet, despite of it as a big issue, there is actually more of a small way than in a big way of how money can get loose. Getting you a new house? It spends a lot of money, yet it gives you money for it saves you an investment for a long period. Getting yourself a new car? Many think that it is unworthy money spending since cars are not…
  • Some of the 7 Hot Things We Found At the 2015 International Builders Show

    17 Apr 2015 | 7:35 am
    7 hot things we found at the 2015 international builders show are indeed hot. At International Builders Show that be held annually, you will find the hottest trend in home design, especially in two spaces which work the hardest at any home; that is kitchen and bathroom. Being here, it is more than just a display you will get. There, will that oh feeling and for sure, inspirations. Between so many displays of bathroom and kitchen models since there are about 1.300 exhibitors, it is somehow a quite thing to choose which one is your favourite. Yet, here you have the best 7 hottest to be your…
  • Stunning Fireplace Pictures to Inspire You

    14 Apr 2015 | 7:23 am
    Stunning Fireplace Pictures to Inspire You. You know, taking fireplace pictures somewhere like from mags or the web can assist you to figure out what kind of fireplace that looks good for your home interior. Not to mention, but as part of the interior that brings warm for you and your family, fireplace for sure takes a great part in your household. So then, picking the one that suitable for you is a must, more if you are so demanding toward the appearance, then considering the fireplace design through its pictures really are helpful for pop-up some ideas in order to have a very beautiful…
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    From Rurban to Urban

  • Tactical Urbanism Can Help Cities Meet Changing Livability Demands

    Timo H.
    17 May 2015 | 11:29 am
    This spring, Finland’s second city Tampere has been the scene of an interesting urban planning spectacle. Or probably ‘drama’ is a better word to describe the turmoil around the city’s ambition to move on to the second phase of its experiment for temporarily transforming Tampere’s main street, Hämeenkatu, into a transit-only zone. The first phase was initiated last summer by cutting off the street’s eastern half from private cars. Access was left to buses, taxis, and logistics vehicles. The rationale behind the entire experiment is to prepare Tampere for the introduction of a new…
  • Istanbul: Notes on the Eternal City’s Urban Problems and Ideas

    Timo H.
    15 Apr 2015 | 3:43 pm
    I had the pleasure to visit to Istanbul last week. This was just a leisure trip to explore the city (and have a break from work), but when roaming the streets I quickly noted that there’s no way I can keep myself from reflecting on what I’m seeing and hearing. I also had the privilege to meet with two local university students and explore different faces of the city together with them. Based on our wonderful talks and my observations, I decided to write a special feature on Istanbul that on the one hand highlights pressing issues in the city’s planning scene and on the other displays…
  • K+S Urbanism – Will Mega-Retailers Kesko and S Group Ever Think Outside the Box?

    Timo H.
    11 Mar 2015 | 2:07 am
    Last year my neighborhood in Helsinki experienced a small, but curious change. A stuffy Czech-themed beerhouse called Milenka got refurbished into a somewhat trendy Scandinavian-style one, Ølhus Oslo. Now, the incident that a worn-out joint got replaced by something more hip is not exceptional at all – new eateries and bars get opened all the time in my neighborhood which these days continuously shows up on all sorts of “hipster” lists. But what caught my attention is that the bar belongs to a national mega-retailer and restaurateur that goes by the name S Group. The Ølhus family…
  • Six Major Developments Shaping Finnish Cities: 2014 in Review

    Timo H.
    30 Dec 2014 | 10:29 am
    Another exciting year has passed! To wrap up 2014, I decided to piece together what I think are the six most important developments that shaped Finnish cities during the past year. Most things obviously weren’t invented this year nor did they directly affect every city; it’s better to grasp my list as themes that peaked to dominate urban policy discussions or to guide planning practice. Nonetheless, I feel that exceptionally much has happened on the Finnish urban development front and I believe the items on my list are likely to profoundly shape our cities and activities in them…
  • Changing Work Patterns and the Rise of Urban Innovation Districts – The Future in Finland?

    Timo H.
    9 Dec 2014 | 7:15 am
    The changing nature of how and where we work seems to be hollowing out Finland’s science & business parks and industrial areas. Is the geography of innovation shifting and leaving cities facing a choice between sticking with a landscape of vacant business premises and nurturing lively innovation districts? Last month an over 10,000-strong horde of startup entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and media representatives flocked to Helsinki to attend Slush, a two-day technology and startup event that seeks to pair great ideas with investors. Even the Chinese Vice Prime Minister Wang Jang…
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    Little Miss Architect - Polish cities and culture, movie set designs and international interiors.

  • Surreal wallpapers by Philippe Morillon | THE WEEKLY WANT

    23 May 2015 | 11:43 am
    There haven't been the weekly want for a while, have it? :) Today see Philippe Morillon wallpapers. Colorful, quite bizarre actually. They make me think of Salvador Dali, do you have the same thoughts?źródło zdjęć: theartstack.comtapety do kupienia na przykład tutaj
  • Lublin - the capital of lubelskie region - a charming city IN MY LENS

    21 May 2015 | 12:59 am
    After Kazimierz Dolny, about which you read in a previous post with a lubelskie map, it's time for beautiful Lublin. Lublin probably surprised me most of all the places during this holiday -  I knew that Kazimierz and Zamosc are beautiful, but I did not expect the same after Lublin!Although once Lublin wanted to be like Warsaw - thus eg. the main shopping street has the same name as the main shopping street in Warsaw, and there is a Hotel Europa - clearly strongly inspired by Warsaw's Bristol - it should not have any inferiority complex. It is simply a  smaller city of a…
  • HOW ARTISTS LIVE: Bold and colorful architect's apartment in Lisbon

    20 May 2015 | 10:13 am
    Adriana Yazbek, the owner of the apartmentToday in the series "How artists live" we'll  see an apartment very feminine. And very modern. And very colorful. This flat in general is "very much". Very happy as well. Dominated by saturated colors, here and there toned with cool white. Only the bathroom is fairly calm (perhaps simply adapted to the already existing tiles).How Adriana advises to select colors to achieve a good result? Toning, or contrasting. In his apartment he applied this second method - all colors are saturated and contrast to each other, here and therecool white…
  • Kazimierz Dolny. A stunning Renessaince town of lubelskie region. | IN MY LENS

    13 May 2015 | 12:08 pm
    Though I was planning to visit Prague for May holiday, I forgot that my toddler is also a human and needs an ID to be able to go abroad! So we decided to go visit a part of Poland we've never visited before, called lubelszczyzna (this word is a killer, right? ;)) or easier lubelskie.Plan wycieczki, z punktem początkowym w Gdańsku i końcowym w Zakopanem, przedstawiał się tak - z noclegami w Kazimierzu Dolnym, Lublinie i Zamościu:This is the plan of the whole trip (starting in Gdańsk, at the sea, where I live and ending in Zakopane, in the mountains, where I have a summer house)Gdańsk -…
  • Oskar Zieta innovative inflated steel furniture | IN MY LENS

    11 May 2015 | 2:27 am
    Do you know a Polish designer named Oskar Zieta? I am extremely proud of him and his designs. He invented a completely new technology of making furnitue - inflating steel. Though the technology itself had been known earlier, it had never been used this way before. As you'll  see the metal furniture created by Zieta is really beautiful.The stools are made from hydro-formed metal; two sheets of metal are welded together following the outline of the stool, which is then filled with fluid under pressure. The legs of the stool are then bent into place, creating a form that Zieta likens…
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    The AEC Associates Blog

  • Importance Of Perfect Coordination For Interior Design CAD Services

    19 May 2015 | 5:51 am
    The AEC Associates Interior Design CAD Services shoulder the responsibility of transforming the dull, barren spaces of a structure into beautiful, vibrant The post Importance Of Perfect Coordination For Interior Design CAD Services appeared first on The AEC Associates Blog.
  • Significance Of Stone For Architectural CAD Services

    14 May 2015 | 3:30 am
    The choice of materials plays a significant role in improving the quality of buildings created by The AEC Associates Architectural CAD services. The post Significance Of Stone For Architectural CAD Services appeared first on The AEC Associates Blog.
  • Saving Valuable Data: Architectural Drafting Services

    11 May 2015 | 10:39 pm
    The AEC Associates Architectural Drafting Services strive to bring out something unique, something exquisite every time by working tirelessly on each project The post Saving Valuable Data: Architectural Drafting Services appeared first on The AEC Associates Blog.
  • The Dilemma Of Interior Design CAD Services: Flamboyance vs. Functionality

    11 May 2015 | 5:56 am
    The AEC Associates Interior Design CAD services perform the miracle of converting a barren structure into a warm and cozy space, of The post The Dilemma Of Interior Design CAD Services: Flamboyance vs. Functionality appeared first on The AEC Associates Blog.
  • 4 Benefits of Working With BIM Modeling Services

    7 May 2015 | 5:22 am
    The AEC Associates BIM Modeling services introduce a revolutionary process that promises to change the AEC industry and offers a lot of The post 4 Benefits of Working With BIM Modeling Services appeared first on The AEC Associates Blog.
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  • Sky High Duplex Apartment by Moriq Studio

    Ovidiu Slavulete
    24 May 2015 | 2:07 am
    Sky High Duplex Apartment was set out in the Indian town of Hyderabad, by Moriq Studio. The client desired that the interior of the house would be classical-inspired and opulent at the same time, characterized by a great attention to detail and sculptures. Thus, you can easily spot the various-patterned floor, the tall doors, and […]
  • A House in a Moshav redesigned by Rotem Guy

    Ovidiu Slavulete
    24 May 2015 | 1:42 am
    This house was built in 1951 for a Jewish immigrants family from Libya. It started as a small unit, typical for the houses built by Jewish Agency in those years, and it was extended as the family was growing. During the renovation process, Rotem Guy, the designer, kept the representative central elements of the house […]
  • The Cave: wonderful architectural project located in a secluded natural oasis

    Tala Njeim
    23 May 2015 | 2:37 pm
    The Cave is an architectural project realized by the Mexican design studio Greenfield from Monterrey within the natural reservation “Pilares”. Part of the National Park “Maderas del Carmen”, the reservation lies on a area of 40,000 hectares and it is dedicated to preserving endangered species. The Cave House is built in the traditional note with […]
  • Shoreditch warehouse conversion by Chris Dyson Architects

    Ovidiu Slavulete
    21 May 2015 | 5:50 am
    The project realized by Chris Dyson Architects has involved the transformation of a Shoreditch warehouse into a family residence. Initially dim, the warehouse had to receive some modifications to ensure the presence of natural light into the household. The conversion of the warehouse included demolishing a shed to connect the residence to the property’s backyard, […]
  • Villa L’escalet in Ramatuelle – with a panoramic view to the sea

    Ovidiu Slavulete
    21 May 2015 | 4:30 am
    Realized by the architect Vincet Coste, Villa L’escalet is located in Ramatuelle, near Saint Tropez, on an abrupt terrain, with a panoramic, beautiful view to the sea. As an architectural design, the house resembles a building block made from independent volumes, which allow space saving, by reducing the passage ways. This constructive alternative facilitated the making […]
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    Tiny House for Us

  • Simple “Pin Up” Cabin Named After 1950’s Icon Cheryl Tiegs

    24 May 2015 | 7:41 am
    Pin-Up Houses offers a variety of small house and cabin plans. Like many of the others, the Cheryl Cabin takes an interesting approach, framed in a 1950’s style pinup theme and borrowing its name from the iconic Cheryl Tiegs. Aside from Cheryl, Pin-Up founder Joshua Woodsman took his inspiration for this design from the architect Jeffery Broadhurst. DIY plans for the 107-square-foot cabin are available from Pin-up’s website for $36, and the simplicity of the design makes for both a very easy build and a low estimated construction cost of $2,900. It’s got a porch (which you climb up…
  • Beautiful Reclaimed Cabin With Modern Comforts

    21 May 2015 | 11:37 pm
    Prefab, modular – and reclaimed? Reclaimed Space has been showing it’s possible since 2008, and the 640-square-foot La Arboleda cabin is a great example of their work. Built at the company’s Austin factory out of materials salvaged from century-old barns and farmhouses, La Arboleda was then delivered ready-to-go to the Texas hill country. The floor plan (which was developed with input from the owners) is simple enough, a large living room / kitchen area separated from the bedroom by a short hallway with the bathroom off of it. It’s a great way of maximizing both usable space and…
  • Alvord Desert Tiny House Resembles A Giant Armored Caterpiller

    21 May 2015 | 10:56 am
    We don’t know exactly how Joe Weissbeck built this tiny metallic house in Oregon’s Alvord Desert. We’d say from the ground up, because it looks nothing like any other tiny house we’ve seen, but it’s not even on the ground – it has wheels. Then again, it looks nothing like any RV we’ve seen, either. More like a highly polished battleship, a land dreadnaught if you will. Whatever Joe based the design on, it’s obviously the product of a lot of hard work and artistic inspiration. (It’s also the second house he’s built – and wouldn’t you love to get a look at the first…
  • Bright & Youthful Funky Urban Cabin In Brazil

    20 May 2015 | 11:28 pm
    Designer Fábio Galeazzo layered this colorful cabin in São Paulo, Brazil, over an abandoned house using retrofit construction techniques with an emphasis on sustainability and artistry. The original house provided the footprint, but almost everything else is new, from the thermal tile roof to the forest management certified timber floors. In between those, the heat-treated bamboo beams and columns and brown granite interior walls are also Galeazzo additions. The artistic touches are very Brazilian: the multicolored, irregularly patterned exterior was inspired by the famed modernist Tarsila…
  • Scottsdale Gets Its First Tiny House Family

    20 May 2015 | 3:37 pm
    150 years ago, California and the Pacific Northwest were the goals of many American pioneers. Now the region is sending out pioneers of its own – tiny house pioneers! It’s too soon to say whether they’ll become as famous as their forebears, but they’re already drawing attention. Witness Taylor Vos, whose plans to become the first tiny-house dweller in Scottsdale, Arizona, merited a mention in the local paper. His won’t be Scottsdale’s first tiny house, though. The man you see in the photos below is Jared Stoltzfus, an ASU doctoral candidate who built the 160-square-foot Maushaus…
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  • Pizzikotto by Andrea Langhi Design

    22 May 2015 | 12:09 pm
    Sustainable interior design for a new fast pizza restaurant? Turns out it is not only possible but very attractive too. Artistic and dynamic urban ambiance created and decorated almost entirely by reused materials, adorns the small town of Reggio Emilia, Italy. Read the rest of Pizzikotto by Andrea Langhi Design originally posted on © - 2015.
  • Lary & Zoe’s House by Z-Axis Design

    22 May 2015 | 11:16 am
    Lary & Zoe’s House is a project of modern urban dwelling in 66sqm space in Taichung, Taiwan designed by young designers of Z-Axis Design. Read the rest of Lary & Zoe’s House by Z-Axis Design originally posted on © - 2015.
  • How to Turn Small Urban Space into Stylish City Dwelling

    21 May 2015 | 12:01 pm
    How to turn a relatively small urban space, with limited budget nonetheless, into stylish, elegant and comfortable city dwelling? A question that haunts most of us. The Lithuanian design studio Normundas Vilkas has accepted this Vilnius apartment project challenge and turned it into playful compositions with functional and minimalistic hints. The apartment possesses a panoramic city view, and that is emphasized by the spacious, light and bright inner premise dеcor. Read the rest of How to Turn Small Urban Space into Stylish City Dwelling originally posted on ©…
  • Aballs Collection Designed by Jaime Hayon

    21 May 2015 | 11:17 am
    A collection of chandelier, hanging lamps and table lamps (which is completely beautiful), quite class, made with traditional artistry of hand blown glass with minimal metal frames and ceramic bodies. Decorative objects designed by Jaime Hayon and launched at Spazio Hayon at Ventura Lambrate during Milan International Design Week 2015. Read the rest of Aballs Collection Designed by Jaime Hayon originally posted on © - 2015.
  • Disfrutar Restaurant – New Barcelona Culinary Jewel

    20 May 2015 | 10:59 am
    A place to experience with all five senses?  Disfrutar –which loosely translated from Spanish means – to taste, to enjoy – is the new Barcelona culinary jewel designed artistically and with a dynamic approach from El Equipo Creativo. The location (unusually nested between buildings on an active street in the city) and the owners’ distinct desire for natural, fresh and stylish approach towards the culinary fusion and the decor’s eclecticism decided the final outlook and unique character of the place. Read the rest of Disfrutar Restaurant – New Barcelona Culinary Jewel…
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    CRSA Blog

  • Paid to Preserve: Historic Tax Credits

    15 May 2015 | 8:00 am
    People are generally happy about saving our historic buildings, right? They have a charm and irreplaceable quality that even casual inhabitants notice…until you add a price tag. Unfortunately, preserving historic buildings is not always cheap. While the building being preserved of course already exists, renovating, restoring or rehabilitating it has to be done in a pre-existing […] The post Paid to Preserve: Historic Tax Credits appeared first on CRSA Blog.
  • A Community Worth Caring About

    7 May 2015 | 11:00 am
    Urban Design. Smart Growth. Complete Streets. Livable Cities. We have many terms all driving at a core concept of “place making”—using design principles, demographic research, emerging technologies, and case-study experience to create truly human-focused environments. The Sugar House Redevelopment is a collection of projects with that aim, and is beginning to see the results of […] The post A Community Worth Caring About appeared first on CRSA Blog.
  • A Flight Outside the Office

    27 Apr 2015 | 8:01 am
    Like any good architect, Mike Lawlor knows how to draw details. And like any good architect, he knows how to do a lot more—because architecture is about details, and it’s about something much more.  Through a collaborative effort with sci-fi poet John Philip Johnson*, Mike Lawlor has helped grow a world beyond the office, and helped […] The post A Flight Outside the Office appeared first on CRSA Blog.
  • Peeling Back History at 411 Brigham Street

    6 Apr 2015 | 6:55 am
    In 2014, the team of CRSA and McCullough Engineering & Contracting began peeling away the walls of the Enos Wall Mansions. Yes, physically, but they also began a process of peeling back the layers of history on this 135 year old building, uncovering three intersecting lives and five intersecting clients. You see, the Enos Wall […] The post Peeling Back History at 411 Brigham Street appeared first on CRSA Blog.
  • Technology: Early Design Considerations

    23 Mar 2015 | 7:15 am
    To say that technology is anything but integral to building design these days would be an understatement. It is simply ubiquitous, but that doesn’t mean it’s simple. Proper technology considerations are best handled by a consultant, but let us help you get started with this Early Technology Design Considerations info-graphic. The post Technology: Early Design Considerations appeared first on CRSA Blog.
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  • Cuernavaca House by Kababie Arquitectos

    Mat Watts
    22 May 2015 | 5:04 am
    Designed by Kababie Arquitectos, this cozy single family house is situated in the Mexican city of Cuernavaca. Read more ...Related:Flat in Logroño by n232 arquitecturaMontee Karp by Patrick Tighe ArchitectureZoku Loft by Concrete Architectural Associates
  • Flat in Logroño by n232 arquitectura

    Mat Watts
    22 May 2015 | 4:25 am
    Located in northern Spain, in the city of Logroño, this inspiring apartment was designed by n232 arquitectura. Read more ...Related:Cuernavaca House by Kababie ArquitectosMontee Karp by Patrick Tighe ArchitectureZoku Loft by Concrete Architectural Associates
  • Contemporary Stone by Chesler Construction

    Mat Watts
    22 May 2015 | 3:49 am
    A modern, contemporary home with an exterior that blends into the landscape, situated in Redwood City, California. It was recently completed by Chesler Construction. Read more ...Related:Montee Karp by Patrick Tighe ArchitectureChicago Townhouse by Gabriel Fontes de FariaUrban Loft by Jessica Lagrange Interiors
  • Montee Karp by Patrick Tighe Architecture

    Mat Watts
    22 May 2015 | 3:19 am
    Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this contemporary single family house is situated in Malibu, California, United States. It was designed by Patrick Tighe Architecture. Read more ...Related:Cuernavaca House by Kababie ArquitectosFlat in Logroño by n232 arquitecturaContemporary Stone by Chesler Construction
  • Zoku Loft by Concrete Architectural Associates

    Mat Watts
    22 May 2015 | 2:49 am
    Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this tiny loft apartment was designed in 2015 by Concrete Architectural Associates. Read more ...Related:Cuernavaca House by Kababie ArquitectosFlat in Logroño by n232 arquitecturaMontee Karp by Patrick Tighe Architecture
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    DBI/David Brown International » News

  • The Most Important Thing I Took Away From SourceCon

    David Brown
    5 May 2015 | 1:40 pm
    The Most Important Thing I Took Away From SourceCon By: Zach Brown Recently, I enjoyed the opportunity to attend a recruiting industry conference called SourceCon for the first time. It was being held just a few blocks away from DBI HQ here in Seattle and it promised to be action-packed with networking, presentations from uber knowledgeable sourcing pros, and filled with more tech tools than you can shake an iPhone 6+ at. Like many attendees, I was there looking to learn new and interesting ways to be successful in my chosen field and I can absolutely say that I did that. I came away from…
  • Featured Job: Interior Designer – Commercial Interiors

    David Brown
    1 Apr 2015 | 10:38 am
    Featured Job: Interior Designer – Commercial Interiors Job Description: One of the most exciting design offices in San Francisco is looking for an Interior Designer with a strong background in Commercial Design. This office is part of a growing national firm. With a diverse set of clients, this office of 26 is creative, collaborative, problem solving, design focused, and most importantly…fun. The right candidate will be smart and comfortable thinking on their feet. A driven, goal oriented candidate will thrive in this small but growing office. Required Work Experience:…
  • Monographs: Implications of design hiring practices.

    David Brown
    19 Mar 2015 | 12:34 pm
      As part of our regular blog calendar our Monographs postings take an inquisitive approach, offering more questions than they answer in the hope that these questions can catalyze useful thoughts amongst our team and our industry. In this post we are exploring questions about the hiring practices of architectural and interiors services firms and asking, how can the hiring process be improved in the firm environment, or should the process be redesigned entirely? At DBI we read a lot on the subject of Recruiting and Talent Management, David Brown even recently wrote about the one tool…
  • Featured Job: Senior Workplace Strategist

    David Brown
    11 Mar 2015 | 11:52 am
    Featured Job: Senior Workplace Strategist Job Description: A globally established and fast-growing Workplace Interiors firm has hired DBI to find a Senior Workplace Strategist for their Seattle, Washington office. The right candidate will come with excellent credentials and pedigree in the Workplace Strategies market as they will be working with key-note clients in the firm. Required Work Experience: •Lead consulting engagements with clients to establish new, and enhance existing, Workplace Strategies programs or enhance existing programs in order to reduce occupancy costs,…
  • Hello! We are DBI!

    David Brown
    25 Feb 2015 | 10:20 am
      Since DBI started in 2009, we have learned a great deal. One of the things we learned is that there are not many recruiting firms that exclusively support the architecture and interior design industry. Because of this, many firms don’t quite know how to best work with an outside agency nor do they know what to expect from a partnership with a firm like DBI. We want to use this blog post to try to offer a simple answer to the question “We have staffing needs, how can we get DBI to recruit on behalf of our organization and what is it like to have DBI work with us?” First, how can…
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    Kadva Corp

  • WordPress Competitors – Popular WordPress Alternatives Publishing Platform

    Mitul Patel
    23 May 2015 | 6:44 am
    Kadvacorp-Wing of Thought Hello Folks,…..WordPress is most popular, and we love it, but it is not the only publishing platform. There are Popular WordPress Alternatives Publishing Platform that you can use to build your website. Recently one of our readers asked us to write about WordPress competitors – Popular WordPress Alternatives Publishing Platform. In this article, we will […] The post WordPress Competitors – Popular WordPress Alternatives Publishing Platform appeared first on Kadva Corp.
  • Combination Of Brightness And Contrast Is Important In Your Interiors

    Jay Amrutia
    23 May 2015 | 6:16 am
    Kadvacorp-Wing of Thought Hello Folks,…..All lot of the time, people are hesitant to try combination of brightness and contrast, especially when they are new to the world of interior design. They worry that in doing so, they will take their meticulously planned space from a pulled-together, polished room to a sloppy mess. If that scenario sounds familiar, don’t […] The post Combination Of Brightness And Contrast Is Important In Your Interiors appeared first on Kadva Corp.
  • Bollywood Super Star Amitabh Bachchan Investments $71 Million in Singapore-Based Portal

    Mitul Patel
    23 May 2015 | 1:20 am
    Kadvacorp-Wing of Thought Hello Folks,.. Bollywood super star Amitabh Bachchan Investments $71 million in Singapore-based portal ,Amithabh Bachchan and Family has made their first ever overseas investment in online cloud-based file storage service provider, which is owned by Singapore-based Meridian Tech Pte. As per a report from Economic Times, shares of the company were bought for […] The post Bollywood Super Star Amitabh Bachchan Investments $71 Million in Singapore-Based Portal appeared first on Kadva Corp.
  • Earn €2144 – Take Part In CarpetVista Design Competition 2015

    Jay Amrutia
    23 May 2015 | 12:55 am
    Kadvacorp-Wing of Thought Hello Folks,….. Take Part In CarpetVista Design Competition 2015 and Earn €2144, If you give your best out put in design carpets.The competition provides you the opportunity to design carpets. The winning designs will be produced in a limited edition and sold exclusively on CarpetVista. You and your art will be marketed on Europe’s largest […] The post Earn €2144 – Take Part In CarpetVista Design Competition 2015 appeared first on Kadva Corp.
  • B2B Content Marketing Strategies Plan – Secrets Of Social Media Marketing

    Jay Amrutia
    23 May 2015 | 12:19 am
    Kadvacorp-Wing of Thought Hello Folks,…. This is a A to Z guide of content marketing for your blog roll or your website. Because of online presence or your product, blog, web site etc,… now a days must required for better online presence and get most eyeball on you. But without proper directional and strategic efforts and planning or […] The post B2B Content Marketing Strategies Plan – Secrets Of Social Media Marketing appeared first on Kadva Corp.
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  • Renovated Apartment by Archlin Studio: Chen Residence

    Sorina Liliana
    23 May 2015 | 2:28 am
    Chen Residence is located in Taipei, Taiwan, offering views of picturesque Mt. Shamao. This chic apartment was renovated by Archlin Studio. Description: “THE SITE: A 40 years old apartment situated in Yangming National Park at Mt. Shamao which is famous for its hot springs and scenic landscape. The apartment has an amazing view of picturesque […] The post Renovated Apartment by Archlin Studio: Chen Residence appeared first on Homedezen.
  • 18 modern living rooms with stunning views

    Sorina Liliana
    22 May 2015 | 2:46 am
    A collection of 18 modern living room design ideas for your inspiration. All this living rooms provide stunning views of the city, lake, sea, ocean or landscape. source source source source source source source source source source source source source source source source source source The post 18 modern living rooms with stunning views appeared first on Homedezen.
  • Villa Mörtnäs by Fourfoursixsix Architects

    Sorina Liliana
    21 May 2015 | 2:21 am
    Villa Mörtnäs is a four bedroom family home located in Mörtnäs, Sweden. It was completed in 2014 by international architecture practice Fourfoursixsix Architects. Description: “Fourfoursixsix were commissioned by Strömma Projekt to design a family home that stood out from the vernacular, whilst making the most of a spectacular site. The naturally north facing granite landscape […] The post Villa Mörtnäs by Fourfoursixsix Architects appeared first on Homedezen.
  • Oos House by Sanahuja & Partners

    Sorina Liliana
    20 May 2015 | 2:26 am
    Oos House was completed in 2014 by Sanahuja & Partners. This single family house with swimming pool is located in Moraira, Spain.   Description: “It is a detached house highly influenced by the peculiarities of the plot where it is inserted. This plot has a deep and diagonally slope that requires to place the entrance […] The post Oos House by Sanahuja & Partners appeared first on Homedezen.
  • Exquisite Loft in Rome by Angelo Luigi Tartaglia

    Sorina Liliana
    19 May 2015 | 2:19 am
    This exquisite loft located in Rome, Italy was designed by Angelo Luigi Tartaglia. Photos by Gianni Franchellucci The post Exquisite Loft in Rome by Angelo Luigi Tartaglia appeared first on Homedezen.
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    Rform Substantial Performance » 5 Great websites to sharpen your Contract Administration

  • 5 Great Websites to sharpen your Contract Administration

    David Lopes
    27 Apr 2015 | 8:00 pm
    “Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.” Samuel Johnson A goal of our Substantial performance blog is to be a source of continuing education to those in Construction Contract Administration.  We believe that for good architectural design to be realized,  a strong understanding and organization of the building process and Contract Administration is required. Strong Construction Contract Administration knowledge Read More...
  • Less is More 3 tips < Change Orders

    David Lopes
    7 Mar 2015 | 6:13 pm
      Minimalists ask the question: How much can you strip away from an item — painting, sculpture, building, furniture — without losing its essential purpose and identity? Your projects don’t have to look like John Pawson’s Home but applying a minimalist frame of mind to design and construction drawings can lead to a reduction in the number of change orders during the contract administration phase. “That which is less complicated is Read More...
  • Owner: Patron of Architecture

    David Lopes
    14 Feb 2015 | 12:16 pm
    We often dream of the perfect patron, the client or owner who is a connoisseur of culture, art,  architecture and the finer things in life. They are highly intelligent, wealthy and provide the Architect with total design freedom and don’t forget an unlimited budget. All that they ask for in return is for the Architect to create a great design and to watch over its construction. There may not be a Read More...
  • Quick Guide: Modern Contractor

    David Lopes
    16 Jan 2015 | 2:08 pm
      Some notable Modernist architects have started their careers as builders or contractors. A few that stand out include Craig Ellwood and his cool Case Study House # 17  or Alfred Newman Beadle and the original  Case Study Apartment #1. Another popular contractor/developer who is probably more famous than the architects he hired, is Joseph Eichler and his popular modernist homes he built in California.  Unfortunately, (or fortunately) not all Architects get the chance to build Read More...
  • Contemplation before Certification

    David Lopes
    10 Dec 2014 | 7:20 pm
    Certifying a payment should not be a mindless rubber stamping of a Contractor’s progress claim. Instead, it should be a contemplative process where you step back, take a breath and think! Believe it or not, certifying a payment requires time to contemplate on the Project Drawings, Specifications, Contracts, Schedule of Values, Site visits, Change Orders, and the Arithmetic. It is a holistic process that brings together many aspects of the project. First let Read More...
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  • Space Saving Stairs: Perfect Accessory for City Living

    29 Apr 2015 | 7:20 am
    If you’re living in a loft apartment and starved for space, take the stress out of interior decorating and learn what to look for in the ideal space-saving staircase that combines functionality and aesthetics So you’ve finally settled into that quaint and trendy loft apartment in the heart of the city. Now you’re bogged down [...]
  • Professional Dryer Vents Cleaner: The Best Way to Avoid Home Misfortune

    26 Mar 2015 | 10:01 pm
    Dryer vents cleaning is one of the important housing maintenance. As we’ve built the house with perfect plan, still need a good maintenance to keep it durable for long time. Lately, a report about the first cause of house fire in the US is by dirty or clogged dryer vents. The (USFA) U.S. Fire Administration [...]
  • Emergency SOS from Morehart The Experienced an Reputable Air Conditioning Companies in Phoenix

    24 Feb 2015 | 6:17 pm
    Air conditioning becomes part of lifestyle and secondary prime need. Searching for air conditioning companies should be careful to prevent unwanted possibilities. Only experienced and reputable air conditioning give good products, services and warranties. Morehart is a family owned and operated business in Phoenix, AZ with over 10 years experience in the HVAC industry. They [...]
  • Comfort Living and Enhance Intimacy Air Conditioning Services Mesa AZ for Home Comfort Services of Air Conditioning

    3 Feb 2015 | 9:05 pm
    Living in modern century make us facing global heat issues, unpredictable and extreme weather. An air conditioning and heating systems help you out through the temperature problems. High temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during summer, remains air conditioning systems should be prepared. Its vital to comfort living during hottest months and could impact to the [...]
  • Sun City AZ Movers Smooth Moving Services

    3 Feb 2015 | 8:59 pm
    Moving should do with details. Whether its business or residential moving contains lot of tasks and cause stressful generally. Pack up dishes, boxes of books, piano, breakable kitchenware or business files, secret documents and all belongings across the state are out of simple. An experiences moving services ready to save out from moving disaster and [...]
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    Caribbean Architecture

  • Fresh Start

    22 May 2015 | 10:35 am
    Fresh Start
  • Are We Losing Our Toolbox ?

    9 Dec 2014 | 7:27 am
    Influence of technology is so great to the point that one must ask himself how we managed without it until now. As an architect you are required to visualize objects and convey your message into something your client can understand and agree with. We do create our objects, our buildings our brainchild’s and present them , but most of time we do not use pen and paper anymore.We rely on graphic software and computers to materialize our vision. Technology influence is so huge that our toolbox is becoming quite virtual to the point of extinctions. Our daily life is becoming dangerously…
  • No Candy for You ! You didn’t scare us enough!

    29 Oct 2014 | 8:00 pm
    No Candy for You ! You didn’t scare us enough!
  • Think twice ;)

    9 Sep 2014 | 10:32 am
    Think twice ;)
  • Paradise and you (by Paris office)

    14 Aug 2013 | 6:49 pm
    Paradise and you (by Paris office)
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    Arup Connect

  • Friday five: Spider webs, fiber nets, and more

    15 May 2015 | 6:00 am
    This Friday we’re featuring Studio Echelman’s latest sculpture As If It Were Already Here and the public interest, puzzlement, and praise it has generated. 1. The Boston Globe examines how the crew hoisted the one-ton sculpture 365 feet into the air. As complicated as a high-rise to build, the installation has a 2,000-pound kinetic mass […]
  • As LEDs mature, light quality is improving

    by Adele Peters
    15 Apr 2015 | 8:26 am
    Two decades ago, the invention of the blue LED launched a fundamental shift in the world of lighting. It was the beginning of the end of the energy-intensive incandescent bulb, offering the potential to slash global CO2 emissions by hundreds of millions of tons. But despite the technology’s environmental benefits — which won its creators […]
  • Friday five: Museums, mushroom mazes, and more

    10 Apr 2015 | 7:00 am
    This Friday we’re highlighting compelling work in the built environment, from Arup and beyond. 1. Civil Engineering Magazine examines the architectural and engineering challenge of unifying three distinct structures into the cohesive and interconnected Harvard Art Museums. 2. Metropolis Magazine interviewed MoMA curator Barry Bergdoll on the museum’s latest exhibit, “Latin America in Construction: Architecture 1955-1980,” […]
  • Foresight and the built environment

    By AJ Artemel
    8 Apr 2015 | 1:33 pm
    Faced with ever-shorter cycles of change, communities, governments, and businesses increasingly recognize the need to prepare for a broad spectrum of possible futures. Figuring out what this means and how to accomplish it, however, has proven consistently challenging. Since 2002, Arup’s Foresight group has been tasked with exploring these issues both within the company and for clients. Made up of […]
  • Preservation and revitalization in Latin America

    1 Apr 2015 | 12:18 pm
    Latin American cities feature a rich mix of buildings, streets, and monuments dating from the pre-Columbian era through the present. Urban cores fell out of fashion as cities sprawled outward in the late twentieth century, however, leading to disinvestment and decay. Today, many governments in the region are once again investing heavily in their city […]
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  • Mahiga Hope High School Rainwater Court, Nyeri Kenya, by Dick Clark Architecture. Architecture for Humanity

    Brenda Nyawara
    23 May 2015 | 6:42 am
    Architecture for humanity. Architecture was made for man. Some projects have such inspiring stories behind them, the end result being a solution to humanitarian problems. This project in Nyeri, Kenya, is among the ones we have noted. Buckle up, this is a wordy one, but worth reading till the end. A multi-purpose, full-size basketball court designed for the St. Joseph Mahiga Primary School and the community of Nyeri, Kenya. It started with a tree. Joseph Mutongu, a local conservationist, wanted to introduce a tree growing program at the school his son attended. The Mahiga Hope School is…
  • Marina + Beach Towers by Oppenheim Architecture + Design, Dubai. Where else…

    Brenda Nyawara
    23 May 2015 | 5:34 am
    This mixed-use project, Marina + Beach Towers by Oppenheim Architecture + Design, suggests a fluidity that merges sky and water, responding to the built environment and  the landscape.  This is no new thing in Dubai, home of the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, the Palm Islands, Infinity Tower, to mention just a few. However, it is, no doubt, a new concept of its kind, the reason it is posted on Archute. A shifted repetition happens within the tower, developing a woven tapestry on the facade.  The units are based on a standard module, and their thoughtful placement within the tower provides…
  • Centre Pompidou, Metz: A Balance Between the Extreme and the Ordinary by Shigeru Ban Architects

    Ian Mutuli
    21 May 2015 | 8:00 pm
    Shigeru Ban, a very close friend to the late Frei Otto, with whom they experimented lightweight structures and building materials is known for a lot of his projects around the world but mostly for this humongous structure that stands 3 hours and 20 minutes away from Paris in a City called Metz, in France: the Centre Pompidou. Built as an establishment that would be associated to the major Centre Pompidou in Paris, the building was an extension of the original Paris Museum. Shigeru Ban has said before that the two most prevalent thoughts that led to this end product included the Guggenheim…
  • Montforthaus by Hascher Jehle Architects: a dialogue of contoured planes

    Ian Mutuli
    20 May 2015 | 8:08 pm
    Contours are exuberant things. They break when they want, they drift when they want, they melt windows and landscapes spanning millions of miles away – and luxuriously. They surround our homes yet they have no color, no character or behavior to recognize them by except that they are exciting and they dictate how we build our homes, streets and cities. Yet they are non-existent. They are just lines. To capture the unpredictability yet exciting nature of contours Hascher Jehle Architects designed Montforthaus in the medieval Feldkirch city of Austria as a remarkable feature that shows…
  • Children Day Care center in New Public Plaza by Behnisch Architekten

    Ian Mutuli
    19 May 2015 | 8:11 pm
    Behnisch Architekten has built an ideal home for children in the Schwetzinger Terrasse public plaza as one of the first buildings to be realized in Heidelberg’s new city district known as “Bahnstadt“ in Germany. In the new district it was important to have a place that kids would meet each other and socialize or play together.   Behnisch Architects designed this day care center as a developed place of social encounter for children. The unique shape of the building was inspired by the sense of an island. For it’s extreme unique and outstanding form and material…
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